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Waifu Mia Net Worth

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Waifu Mia is an American model, cosplayer, and social media star who has a net worth of $200,000. She came to the spotlight when she began posting her pictures on social media platforms including Instagram.

Waifu Mia has established herself as one of the most followed girls in the whole world with over 2.4 Million followers on Instagram as well as 1.7 Million followers on TikTok. On this platform, she uploads videos of trendy dances and makes funny facial expressions.

What is Waifu Mia’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$200,000
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Salary (Annual)$50,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Waifu Mia was born in a small town somewhere in the country of Canada. There are certain details about Mia’s past we just don’t know much about yet. And then there’s the subject of her birthday.

Ever since 2020, Mia has been marking her TikTok uploads with the common refrain: “I’m 19”. Mia originally began using that description to throw off TikTok administrators looking to take down her content over safety concerns.

Growing up in a small Canadian town Mia was a gifted student. She also just so happen to be massively into cosplay as a teenager. Despite this, Waifu Mia is also been a competitive dancer from the time she was seven years old.


Waifu Mia began her professional career by combining her two passions including dancing and cosplay into creating content for social media from the age of 16.

Before she could accomplish her goals, Mia was constantly bullied throughout high school. After a few years of this relentless behavior, she began to believe that she might not amount to much of anything.

During this period of self-doubt, however, Mia did give up on her dreams of becoming a famous content creator. She began uploading her content on TikTok and within six months, Mia earned herself her first viral moment.

Waifu Mia as seen in a post (Waifu Mia / Instagram)
Waifu Mia as seen in a post (Waifu Mia / Instagram)


Waifumiia had a big break in his career when she created a dance routine to “TO*ES AND I – DANCE MONKEY”. That clip quickly amassed over 100 million views on TikTok and turned into a massive success. However, that clip caught the attention of the TikTok team who deleted Mia’s account.

From there, she was suspended from high school for filming this type of content. Only a few days later her first video grabbed the attention of non other than social media star Belle Delphine.

The star reached out to the up-and-comer through social media to let Mia know that she adored her content. Belle encouraged Mia so much that she decided to keep pursuing this dream of becoming a TikTok star. Waifu Mia has a net worth of $200 thousand.

Other Ventures

Mia received a full dance scholarship to Prestigious Canadian University where she also studied to become a nurse. While earning a nursing degree and working about 40 hours a week at a local McDonald’s, she continued to make content on social media.

Mia kept up with her Instagram and her TikTok uploads which soon enough all paid off in a very big way. Once being established herself with some solid grounding on Instagram and TikTok, she made the smartest business decision of her life.

Waifu Mia started her own channel on the world’s most popular subscription-based social media site. During her first month of experimenting, she claims to have over $3,000. This experience was such an eye-opener for her that she quit her job at McDonald’s.

Personal Life

When Mia’s family found out about her profile from another extended family member, they kicked out her of the house for a while. But eventually, her parents did come around and they have since made up. They have just agreed to more or less never talk about it what Mia is that she does.

Waifu Mia Net Worth

Mia is one of the most rising social media celebrities on the internet. Thanks to her incredible success on TikTok, she has been making a good sum of money from social media.

Waifumiia isn’t limiting her ambitions at all. She continued to expand her outreach on other social media platforms including Twitch. Mia also tried her hand at business by investing in real estate.

Mia mainly earns money from her newly launched subscription-based website where she uploads content. In her first month, she made more than three thousand dollars. As of 2023, Waifu Mia’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

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