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Naomi Ross Net Worth

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Naomi Ross is an American model and social media influencer with a net worth of $500,000. She is probably best known as the sister of the famous streamer, Adin Ross. In 2014, Naomi launched her own Instagram account and began posting her pictures.

Naomi’s brother, Adin is a Twitch gamer and social media influencer who made a name and career for himself off his NBA 2K streams. Adin has slowly become more prominent over these past couple of years.

But some of his fans might not know that his sister, Naomi, is also part of the social media and the streaming industry. Adin and Naomi started their careers by playing video games, together.

What is Naomi Ross’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$500,000
BornNovember 1, 1995
ProfessionSocial Media Personality
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$200,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Naomi Ross Biodata was born on November 1st, 1995, in Boca Raton, Florida. Naomi is the older sister of Adin Ross. She grew up in a family that originally hailed from Israel.

During her childhood, the family moved around a whole bunch from Florida to New York City. They finally headed to California and settled into Three Rivers.

When Adin got a little bit older and decided to pursue streaming professionally, his parents were left disappointed by his decision. So, when Adin moved out of his childhood home to chase his dreams, he wound up living with his older sister Naomi.


Upon Naomi’s arrival in California, she decided to create her Instagram account in 2014. She gained popularity after she began participating in some of Adin’s 2k Streams over on Twitch. When Adin Ross started earning favor in 2019 while Naomi was right there alongside him.

Her appearance in Adin’s streams helped her to grow in popularity on the internet. A lot of Naomi’s early popularity was regulated by her Instagram account. Naomi started getting the attention of a bigger audience when more comfortable she became in front of the camera.

Naomi Ross as seen in a post (Naomi Ross / Instagram)
Naomi Ross as seen in a post (Naomi Ross / Instagram)


Adin’s Twitch and Instagram numbers might have been blowing up into the seven-digit range but Naomi was collecting some major numbers of her own. Around that time, she wound up receiving over 146,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Naomi followed in the footsteps of her brother Adin by creating both a YouTube channel and a TikTok profile for herself. In June 2018 she joined YouTube but at present all of her content has been deleted or set to private. However, she still got 18,000 subscribers on the platform.

Meanwhile, over on TikTok Naimo discovered a whole lot more success. She even surpassed 175k followers on Instagram who regularly enjoys her lip dubs and dancing videos.

Other Ventures

In addition to her presence on Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube, Naomi Ross also expanded her outreach. She created a profile on the world’s most popular subscription site where she decided to share some very exclusive content.

Naomi became a creator on the platform in late 2021. According to reports, her content is only available for subscribers who are willing to shell out $15,000 a month.

Personal Life

Naomi came to the spotlight when she appeared in some of Adin’s endless series of prank videos. She really landed on the influencer map when she pranked Adin herself with the help of one of his friends named Zias.

After catching these two in a moment together, Adin informed his viewing audience that he was far from pleased with what he had just seen. Later that night, Zias and Naomi revealed that it was just a prank.

Naomi Ross Net Worth

Naomi Ross is on her way to becoming one of the most high-profile models on the internet. She began her social media career by joining Instagram back in 2014.

Naomi has managed to earn thousands of followers after appearing in Adin’s popular prank videos. She mainly earns from her social media accounts, such as brand endorsements as well as selling her content. As of 2023, Naomi Ross’ net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

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