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Maegan Hall Net Worth

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Maegan Hall is a Tennessee former Police officer and meme personality who has a net worth of $100,000. She is known for becoming the newest meme virally infecting everyone’s social media feeds.

Maegan and 6 of her male officer associates were exposed for having had physical relations with one another in and around their workplace. Prior to this news, she was perhaps best recognized by the few hundred people who followed her TikTok account.

She regularly showed off her overflowing number of tattoos in her TikTok videos and social media platforms. Maegan wanted to become an actress. But, rather than that, her life ended up taking a very different path when she joined the Tennessee police force in her early 20s.

What is Maegan Hall’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$100,000
ProfessionFormer Police Officer
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$40,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Maegan Olivia Hall was born in 1996 in Tennessee. She is believed to have grown up in rural Tennessee and originally had dreams of one day becoming an actress.

After completing her education, Maegan decided to join the Tennessee police force. In terms of her family, she is quite private about her early life and hasn’t disclosed any information about her parents.


After working with the Tennessee police force for some period, Maegan found herself in a problem. On December 12th, 2022, a complaint was filed at the “Lavergne Tennessee Police Department.” The very place where Maegan Hall worked.

The complaint was filed by the mayor of Lavergne, Jason Cole who had been given a tip that Maegan was allegedly having intimate relations with other members of the department.

This was initially reported by the Nashville television station, “WTVF,” The resulting internal investigation revealed that these affairs were alleged to have taken place during the workplace. Some of these trysts happened during football watch parties.

The resulting report from the investigation describes other findings like Maegan and the men continuously sending images to one another participating in an “h#t tub party.” Before that happened, the other officers involved in this scandal had been under the impression, that Maegan was in an open relationship.

Maegan Hall Net Worth and Biography
Photo by Instagram.com


Eventually, one of the men Maegan was involved with, became the whistleblower who alerted the mayor as to what was going on. That man was Sergeant Ty McGowan.

As a result, five officers were fired including, Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Sergeant Lewis Powell, Detective  Seneca Shields, Sergeant Ty McGowan, and Maegan Hall herself. Furthermore, three other officers were suspended without pay, patrol officer Patrick Magliocco, Gavin Schoeberl, and K-9 Officer Larry Holladay.

Since this entire scandal broke, Maegan Hall has done her best to avoid social media. After the local Tennessee news outlet revealed this story, the internet began having a field day. Her story became a meme on TikTok, whether she’s remained is Thanos wearing the gauntlet with her fellow male officers’ faces in place of the infinity stones.

Personal Life

In her early 20s, Maegan Hall met her future husband, Jedidiah Hall while the two were in college. They fell in love and made a life together. As Maegan became a Patrol officer, Jedidiah went on to become a state park ranger.

Then in November 2018 they tied the knot and bought a lavish house together. In many ways, these two seemed like perfectly matched couples. After leaving a job as a park ranger, Jedidiah had been in training for the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

But with everything that’s happened in his life, he pulled out of the program. Jedidiah has since become a deputy to the Coffee County Area.

Maegan Hall Net Worth

Maegan Hall is a former Patrol officer from Tennessee, United States of America. She used to make money through salaries from her job as a police officer. Maegan has managed to accumulate good wealth from her profession and it allowed her to buy a new house.

Apart from this, she is quite popular on social media including TikTok and Instagram. As of 2023, Maegan Hall’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

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