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CHARLESTON WHITE Networth -Salary Endorsement Career and More

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Networth $5 Million
Profession Comedian, and motivational speaker
Country of Origin United States
Last Updated2024

Charleston White’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million. He is an American social media influencer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur, from Texas. Charleston came to the spotlight when he began sharing a unique piece of content on social media.

All thanks to his incredible content, Charleston amassed a lot of recognition in the country. Following his success on social media, he launched his YouTube channel in April 2020. He began uploading his videos on that channel and garnered over 200k subscribers in a short period.

Before this, Charleston White was a Texas gang member who served nearly a decade in prison for some pretty big juvenile transgressions. He has now turned his life around by both sharing his story on social media with a couple of controversial ideas. These days he introduced himself as the CEO and founder of (HYPE) Helping Young People Excel.


    Years   NETWORTH 
    2024$5 Million
      2023$2 Million
      2022$1 Million

What Is Charleston White Salary?

Charleston White has an Estimated Annual Salary of $500,000 and Monthly Salary of $10,332 , His Source of income include his YouTube Career.

Charleston White Endorsement Deal

Charleston White has Collaborated with Fashion Brands and companies and Supplement manufacturers , with the help of these Collaborations he had Earned alot of money from it and Fame.

Early Life

Charleston White was born in 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas. He was raised by a Christian family. His mother was a household while his father worked as an officer in the American Navy.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have proper guidance while growing up and has said on several occasions that he barely knew his father at all. Due to the lack of a decent role model in his life, Charleston found himself joining his local crew. That took his life down the wrong path.


While being part of this affiliation, Charleston took part in a series of criminal activities. Around that time he wanted to become a gang leader so he did everything including assault, robbery, and much more.

As a youngster, he also believed that any crime he could potentially perpetuate against white people was fair “Considering the oppression Africans had to suffer through in the past”.

One particular incident took place when he had run away from his house and began spending nights at one of his friend’s parent’s place at the age of just 14. To pay the bills, he and his friends spent their days stealing anything they could get, which leads us to what happened at a local store “Foot Locker”.

While trying to get away from that store with an athletic jacket, a man stepped up to stop Charleston and his associates. One of his friends had a weapon around that time so he hit a white man who was stopping them. Charleston and his associates came up as the first juvenile in the United States to be sentenced for murder called The Texas Determining Sentence Law.

Time In Prison

Charleston was sent to a Texas Youth Council lockup at the State school due to his young age. He spent more than 4 years at this place until he was moved to a facility at the age of 18. While at this place, there was a series of guardians who had seen potential in Charleston and stepped in to prevent this from happening.

This combination of house parents, caseworkers, physiologists, and teachers saw something special in him. Charleston later explained, “They risked their lives to tell the Judge that this kid (White Charleston) has the potential to be somebody”.

All thanks to them, the judge finally took action to go against the State’s suggestion that Charleston is transferred to a facility. Eventually, Charleston was sent back to the state school for the following four years of his life.

From that point forward, Charleston was passionate about taking on all of his responsibilities as well as learning Accountability. Around that time he had grown his sense of morals along with learning how to empathize with other people.

The group therapy (he was a part of during these years) was a big help in this regard. It also taught him how to think critically while processing his anger in more positive habits. At the age of 21, White Charleston was released from prison after serving seven years. It was then that he realized another important lesson. Most of his friends from his life were now in the prison system.

Many of his associates are serving 20 years or more. Like his friend who had pulled the trigger seven years earlier and is now serving a 75 years sentence for the crime. White’s mental development wasn’t yet where it should be in terms of his age. He knew enough to understand that he was lucky and wasn’t one of them.

Back To Prison

After getting released from jail he again found himself behind bars when White started trafficking drugs. While in Oklahoma he was trying to move more than ten pounds of marijuana and there he was eventually caught by police.

He fought back against the charge and wound up with a mistrial. White then got two offers including serving six months in jail boot camp or five years of deferred probation. He wound up choosing the five years of deferred probation.

So he decided to go back to school where he attended Fort Worth’s Texas Wesleyan University to become a pre-law student. He eventually earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from that University.


The turning point of White’s career came in 2012 when he formed the HYPE Youth Outreach program. He founded this program to give back to his community and to share his life story and childhood experiences to inspire young people.

He also tried to ensure that the younger generation did not make the same kind of mistakes that he did. White began volunteering his free time at the Texas juvenile department in honor of the people who helped turn his life around.

Now Charleston White has the chance to affect people outside of his Texas community through his social media presence. Charleston White has a net worth of $2 Million.

Personal Life

White created his YouTube channel titled “The Real Charleston White” in April 2020. But his emergence as a social media influence has not been without controversy. White has come under fire multiple times in the past couple of years.

Especially regarding comments, he shared about the deaths of people like George Floyd and DMX. Both of whom he suggested played a large part in their demise. He’s also a strong believer that hip-hop and rap are degrading African culture.

Charleston White Net Worth

As of 2023, Charleston White’s Net Worth is reported to be around $2 million. Today’s date, he is among the most popular motivational speakers as well as content creators. White had a pretty dark life but now he is earning a lot of recognition in the country.

He didn’t only have fans in the United States but White also grabbed the attention of large people from other countries as well. He garnered a lot of popularity in a short period.

The main source of his income comes from content creation such as YouTube, as well as business ventures. White’s annual income is around $500 thousand. He also earns a handsome amount from his clothing line which includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc.

Charleston White Facts Table:

Date Of Birth17 May 1977
Birth PlaceTexas, united states 
Age 46 years old
PartnerTamara White
KidsCharli and Charleston Jr
Siblings Kay white
Monthly income $10,332
Annual income$500,000

Quick Summary:

Charleston White has an Estimated Net Worth of $5 Million

Charleston white has an Estimated Annual income and Salary of $500,000

Charleston white had a Monthly income of $10,332.


Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White is YouTuber, Social Media Influencer and a Comedian.

What is the Height of Charleston White?

Charleston White Stands at a Height of 5 feet 8 inches

What is the Weight of Charleston White?

Charleston White weighs around 70 kg.

Who is the Wife of Charleston White?

Tamara White is the Wife of Charleston White.


  • Charleston White Zodiac Sign is Taurus
  • Charleston White Net Worth is Estimated to be Around $5 Million
  • Charleston White Father Name is Charles Ray

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