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Till Lindemann Net Worth

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Till Lindemann is a German singer, musician, and pyrotechnician who has a net worth of $8 Million. He gained popularity in the music industry after founding a band called “Rammstein” in 1994.

With this label, Lindemann released numerous commercially successful projects. Additionally, his band went on to become one of the most famous heavy metal/goth groups in the world. Rammstein has released a number of albums 5 of which earned platinum status.

His music caught the attention of the American label “Roadrunner Records” who listed him as the “Fifty Greatest Metal Frontmen of All Time”. Lindemann has managed to sell over 45 million with his band Rammstein. Despite this, the singer is also known for using s*x toys in most of his performances.

What is Till Lindemann’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$8 Million
BornJanuary 4, 1963
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$400,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Till Lindemann was born on January 4th, 1963, in Leipzig, East Germany to father Werner Lindemann and mother Brigitte Hildegard. He grew up in a family of artists, his father being a poet and writer, while his mom was a Journalist and writer.

Lindemann spent his childhood in Wendisch-Rambow along with his younger sister, Saskia. As an 11-year-old boy, he attended a sports school at the SC Empor Rostock Sports Club. From 1997 to 1980, he studied in a boarding school.

While growing up he saw that his parents chose to live separately due to career reasons. However, Lindemann’s parents divorced in 1975 when he was still in his teenage years. Upon his parent’s separation, Lindemann wound up living with his dad but it didn’t last long due to an unhealthy relationship between them.


Lindemann began his career by competing in the European Junior Swimming Championships where he finished 11th place. Thanks to his performance, he was named to participate in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

However, his athletic career didn’t last long and he left his dreams of becoming a professional swimmer after having an injury. Lindemann started finding jobs for himself to pay the bills. He did a couple of odd jobs including as a gallery technician, a peat cutter, a basket weaver, and an apprentice carpenter. 

In 1986 Lindemann began his musical career by joining the rock band First Arsch as a drummer. The group dropped their album “Saddle” in 1992. He also played drums on a track with “Feeling B”, a punk band. Later in the 1990s, he tried his hand at songwriting which earned him a lot of success.

Till Lindemann as seen in an Instagram post
Till Lindemann as seen in an Instagram post


In 1994, Lindemann formed a band called “Rammstein” and began performing on live shows with other members including Richard Kruspe, Flake Lorenz, Christoph Schneider, Oliver Riedel, and Paul Landers.

They released their debut album, “Herzeleid” in September 1995 via independent label Motor Music. The project became successful, reaching number 6 on the German music charts. The band followed this up by dropping their second album “Sehnsucht” in 1997.

Rammstein continued to release one album after another including Mutter (2001), Reise, Reise (2004), Rosenrot (2005), Liebe ist für alle da (2009), Rammstein (2019), and Zeit (2022). Five of which received platinum status and the band has sold more than 45 million records globally. Thanks to his success as a musician, Till Lindemann has a net worth of $8 million.

Further Success

In 2015 Lindemann teamed up with Peter Tägtgren to launch a new project called “Lindemann”. In June of that year, they dropped their first album “Skills in Pills”. They followed this up by releasing their second project “F&M” in November 2019.

Then in 2020 and 2021, Lindemann released his solo projects including “Alle Tage ist kein Sonntag” and “Lubimiy gorod, Beloved Town”, as well as “Ich hasse Kinder”. 

Other Ventures

Aside from Lindemann’s association with “Rammstein” he worked for some popular bands including Feeling B, First Arsch, Peter, Jacob Hellner, and Tägtgren.

In 1994, Lindemann made his theatrical film debut in the music film “Achtung! Wir Kommen. Und Wir Kriegen Euch Alle”. Then in 1997, he made his first TV show appearance on “Jam”. Two years later, he was cast in the film “Pola X”.

In 2003, Lindemann was announced to play the role of Viktor in the comedy movie Amundsen der Pinguin. He also had a role in the film Vinzent in 2004.

In 2002, the German singer published his first book entitled Messer. After many years, his second poetry book In stillen Nächten came out in 2013. His third book 100 Gedichte was released in 2020.

Personal Life

Lindemann started his relationship with Anja Köseling in 1985. The couple dated for many years and then welcomed their first child, a daughter Marie-Louise in 1993. However, the two separated in 1997 after being in a relationship for about 12 years.

From 2011 to 2015 Lindemann was romantically linked with model Sophia Thomalla. They dated for 4 years and at the beginning of 2016 Sophia eventually got married to Norwegian singer Andy LaPlegua.

Lindemann is a father of a daughter named Nele Lindemann who was born back in 1985. He also has two more sons but their mom has been kept private. The singer Till raised their children as a single father for many years. Lindemann’s one grandson is through his first daughter, Nele.

Career Highlights

  • Being lead vocalist for the band Rammstein
  • Selling over 45 million records with Rammstein
  • Being listed as the 50 Greatest Metal Frontmen of All Time” according to Roadrunner Records
  • Publishing 3 books of poetry
  • 2005 World Sales Award, selling over 10 million copies of their albums with Rammstein _ Won
  • Here are some of the most popular songs of Till Lindemann:
  • Du Hast
  • Mien Tiel
  • Ich Will

Till Lindemann Net Worth

Lindemann established himself as a composer, musician, and poet who had a passion for becoming a professional swimmer. As a drummer, he worked for some big names in the music industry including famous rock bands.

Lindemann made a lot of wealth after forming his successful group, Rammstein. Along with the band, he got a chance to perform the top pyrotechnics. He also tried his hand at other ventures including being the author of his three books.

Apart from making money from music, Lindemann earns from multiple sources. The famous brand  U-boat Italo Fontana Watch selected him as their brand ambassador in the past. His collaborations with other artists are a big contributor to his royalties. As of 2023, Till Lindemann’s net worth is estimated to be $8 Million.

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