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Kyle Richh Net Worth

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Kyle Richh’s Net Worth is estimated to be $200,000. He is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Kyle is one of the newest driving forces behind the Brooklyn drill rap scene. His real name is Kyle Henry Fasheun.

The rapper rose to fame when his single “41 CYPHER” went viral. To record the track, Kyle collaborated with fellow artists like Jenn Carter, Jerry West, TaTa, Dee Billz, FMB Savo, and Jay Gelato.

Kyle and his fellow artists released the music video for “41 CYPHER” in early 2022 and that video garnered over 3 million views within 10 months. Since the song went viral, Kyle earned a lot of fame and more than 500 thousand listeners just on Spotify.

What Is Kyle Richh’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$200,000
BornJanuary 22, 2003
Salary (Annual)$50,000
CountryUnited States Of America
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Kyle Henry Fasheun was born on January 22, 2003, to a pair of African parents in the neighborhood of Brownsville, New York. His parents haven’t exactly been the biggest supporters of his career.

As a kid, Kyle often found himself out on the nearby streets of Brownsville getting into all kinds of trouble sometimes until 5 or 6 AM. While the young rapper claims to love his mother and little sister to death, he’s got a far more contentious relationship with his dad.

Kyle’s father was also the one who introduced him to rap music in the first place. As a kid, his father used to throw classic artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Sukar, Jay-Z, and more. That early music inspired him to begin writing lyrics of his own.


At the age of 7 years, old Kyle first picked up the pen to write his first bar. Despite having this deep-seated appreciation and love for hip hop as young as he was, Kyle was too nervous to show off his abilities.

Once he finished high school his older associates recognized his potential to do something special with his life. They encouraged him to pursue more creative outlets such as college or for better music. He first followed the advice of his older and enrolled at the college but it didn’t last long.

During his college life one day he was smoking in his dorm room when the fire alarm set off and drew a whole bunch of attention down his head. This resulted in campus police raiding him and finding all the weed he was selling. Afterward, he got kicked out of college. Kyle returned to Brooklyn and began focusing more on music.

Kyle Richh released his first musical project an EP titled “Everything Dead” in August of 2021. Boston collaborations alongside Jenn Carter and Dee Billz became the Public’s first taste of the crew known as “41”.

Around this time Kyle was doing everything he could to pull off a win for himself. He recorded his extended play just to see what would happen. But it wasn’t much. That EP didn’t earn any success in the music industry.

His music journey started when he teamed up with his childhood friend Jerry West and decided to make tracks. From there they began adding further artists into his collective including Jenn Carter, TaTa, Dee Billz, FMB Savo, and Jay Gelato. Many of whom Kyle had known since the earliest days in his neighborhood.


The next step in Kyle Richh’s career was to breakthrough into the mainstream. He does so with the trifecta songs that were released in just two months. In early 2022, Kyle and his crew released songs including “41 Freestyle”, “41 CYPHER”, and “Beam”.

These three songs blew up in large part to Kyle’s decision to use TikTok as a marketing tool by releasing snippets of each single on that platform. They quickly earned hundreds of thousands of views and pump up his fan base for the release of the full versions over on YouTube.

Moreover, he also released those songs on other streaming platforms. When Kyle released the music videos of these songs on YouTube, all of that tracks racked up seven digits in terms of view counts. Following that massive success, Kyle released another single “Spinnin 2” which also became a hit.

Other Ventures

In May 2022, he teamed up with his associates Jenn Carter and TaTa to release the single “CYPHER”. The song widely went viral earning over 4 million views on YouTube. Following this, Kyle aligned himself with “KVH Entertainment” a talent agency behind other popular rappers like Pop Smoke, Molly G, and more.

As of now, Kyle is doing his best to ignore all the hate and concentrate on what the future has in store for him. Like he is trying to meet with a whole bunch of labels in hopes of finding a deal that makes sense for his growing career.

Persona Life

Kyle also found himself in many troubles while growing up. Such as he was in prison in May 2022 under dubious circumstances for a firearm. Thankfully he wouldn’t stay locked up for long and within a few days, he was out on a bail.

Kyle was arrested once again for possession of another firearm in September 2022. He was bailed out this time with the help of “KVH Entertainment” who paid $50,000 for him. According to Kyle himself whatever trouble he found himself in still has to work itself through the court systems.

Kyle Richh Net Worth

As of 2023, Kyle Richh’s Net Worth is approximately $200 thousand. He is one of the rising rappers in the country and it seems in the future he will reach the peak of his music career.

Until the day comes Kyle Richh along with the entire 41 crew will continue grinding to turn the dream into reality. The main source of his revenue comes from music such as collaborations with other artists and parties.

Kyle earned a lot of success and popularity in a short period. Not to mention, the rapper is also making good revenue from his self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads his music videos.


How much is Kyle Richh worth?

Kyle Richh has a net worth of $200,000.

How Old is Kyle Richh?

Kyle Richh was born on 22 July 1996 and is 21 years old.

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