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Hit-Boy Net Worth

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Hit-Boy’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 Million. He is an American rapper, singer, record producer, and songwriter from the United States. Hit-Boy is best known for producing some of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the past decade.

He earned a name for himself in the music industry as a music producer. Hit-Boy produced hit tracks for some high-profile artists including Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N in Paris”, Drake’s “Trophies”, Nipsey Hussle’s “Racks in the Middle” featuring Roddy Ricch, and GOOD Music’s “Clique”.

What is Hit-Boy’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$7 Million
BornMay 21, 1987
ProfessionRecord Producer,
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$1 Million
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr. was born on May 21st, 1987. As a child, Chauncey grew up in Fontana, a city about fifty miles East of downtown Los Angeles. His father was in and out of prison, leaving him to be raised primarily by his mother.

Growing up, Chauncey had the opportunity from his mother to play music all around the house as loud as he wants. Chauncey wasn’t the only musician in the family either. His Uncle, Rodney Benford, was a member of the R&B group Troop.

His uncle encouraged him regularly to pursue his talents to their fullest extent by skipping out on other normal teenage social activities like parties to focus on developing his musical talents.

Another big inspiration in Chauncey’s childhood was the R&B hip hop group production duo known as The Underdogs. When Chauncey was around 16 years old, Harvey Mason Jr. and Davis Thomas became his biggest musical inspirations.

Early Career

Thanks to his uncle Rodney’s connections, Chauncey was able to meet up with these two and learn a great deal from them by attending recording sessions at their studio. Eventually, both artists were impressed and offered Chauncey to sign them. But Chauncey declined that offer.

Chauncey wanted to become a rapper but he quickly discover that his original talent was creating lyrics. After meeting another aspiring producer at a Guitar Center in San Bernardino (California), he hooked him up with a CD full of sounds on it. Before long Chauncey was crafting some incredibly impressive beats, especially considering his young age.


At the age of 17, he formed a duo called “Hit-Boys” with another like-minded friend. In order to show their talent to the world, they launched their “MySpace” profile to share their music and skills. In 2003, he met producer Polow da Don who reached out and invited Hit-Boy to eh studio.

Hit-Boy brought 60 tracks and he played them all. That’s how Hit-Boy went from crafting beats to working with the biggest artists in the span of just two years.

After becoming a member of Polow’s inner scope in print Zone 4. Hit-Boy began his career by collecting production credits from big artists like Lil Wayne and Eminem.

Around that time Hit-Boy also produced songs for high-profile artists like Mary J. Blige on “Stronger”, Nas, Chris Brown, and Snoop Dogg. The hit single “Stronger” became a massive success. It earned him a prominent placement in the 2009 LeBron James documentary called “More Than A Game”.

From that point forward, Hit-Boy went on to work with other artists like Pharrell Williams and Teyana Taylor. Hit-Boy also got an opputnuty to work with Kanye West. He collaborated with West’s 2010 project “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.


In 2011, Hit-Boy signed a two-year production deal with “Good Music”. He officially became a beatmaker for Kanye and other label mates like Pusha T, John Legend, and Big Sean. Soon afterward his big break arrived when Hit-Boy produced Kanye and Jay Z’s mega single titled “N in Paris”.

That hit single earned him a lot of popularity. His song led Hit-Boy to receive his very first Grammy for Best Rap Song. Hit-Boy was already working with the most established stars like Beyonce on tracks Jealous, XO, and Flawless.

Instead, he kept his head down and continued grinding out the best beats he possibly could. In June of 2012, Hit-Boy released his debut official single “Jay-Z Interview”. By the end of that year, he was releasing his first mixtape “HITstory”.

In December 2012 he secured a recording contract with Interscope as a performer. The following month Hit-Boy founded his own record label imprint called “Hits Since ’87”.

A year later he released his debut studio album “We the Plug”. Featuring himself alongside other rappers under his new imprint labels like Audio Push and BMac The Queen.

For the next two years, Hit-Boy was not only releasing his own tracks but also with production credits from artists like Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar. Then in 2018, he’d win a second Grammy for “Racks in the Middle” by Nipsey Hussle.

Hit-Boy's Career Success
Hit-Boy’s Career Success

Other Ventures

By 2020, Hit-Boy teamed up with Nas for a series of three albums including King’s Disease, King’s Disease 2, King’s Disease III, and Magic. These albums would lead this legendary rapper Nas to win his first-ever Grammy. An Awards Nas shared with Hit-Boy when his album King Disease took home the trophy for Best Rap Album.

In 2020, Hit-Boy and Kanye West stopped working together. Their collaboration ended when Kanye heard that his producer Hit-Boy was collaborating with Beyonce so often. In the following year, Hit-Boy earned a Grammy nomination for Producer of the Year 2021.

Although he might not have won the award, he is recognized for his incredible contributions to the industry. After two years of being on the outs with Kanye, Hit-Boy was assisting him to record his newest album when he realized that West brought something to the single “Eazy”.

So the music reached out to Kanye and soon enough Hit-Boy and Kanye were recording music together in the studio. Since then Hit-Boy and Kanye have kept their lines of communication open. They’re working on putting their former differences behind them. Meanwhile, Hit-Boy also released many of his own tracks like “Fireproof” and “Checkmate”.

Career Highlights

  • Three Grammy Awards – Songs – “N in Paris, 2013”, “Racks in the Middle, 2020”, “King’s Disease, 2021” – Nominations.
  • “Drop the World” (Song 2009)
  • “N in Paris” (Song, 2011)
  • “Sorry” (Song 2016)
  • “Sicko Mode” (Song 2018)

Hit-Boy Net Worth

As of 2023, Hit-Boy’s net worth is approximately $7 million. He is one of the most popular record producers in the music industry. He makes the majority of his wealth as a hip-hop producer, making a reported income of $1 million per year.

Hit-Boy already undeniably cemented his legacy in hip hop. He continues to do so by raising the bar with every new release. Hit-Boy also has a YouTube channel which is another good source of his income.

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