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Fresh X Reckless Net Worth

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Fresh X Reckless is currently a two members hip-hop collective with a combined net worth of $200,000. Famous producer BlaqNmilD formed this boy band. This group is best known for releasing hit singles “Walked In The Club” and “Drippin’ So Hard”.

Fresh X Reckless assembled the collective talents of members including, Travon “T-Daddie” Mitchell, David “Deelo” Rayford, Jamel “Junyah” Joseph, and Terron “Tee” Champagne into one uplifting supergroup.

All four members of the band garnered thousands of followers on their respective social media platforms including TikTok. Fresh X Reckless came to the spotlight after releasing their debut single “Criss Cross” in 2019.

What is Fresh X Reckless’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$200,000
David "Deelo" Age19
Jamel "Junyah" Age20
ProfessionMusical Artists
CountryUnited States of America
Combined Salary (Annual)$100,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Fresh X Reckless members, T-Daddie, Deelo, Junyah, and Tee grew up in post-Katrina, New Orleans. As a kid, they each found a way to hold their own on the city streets. Besides all four of them being raised in one tough environment, they also all had a passion for music.

First, there was Deelo, both of his parents danced and performed when he was younger. Deelo met T-Daddie whose mother used to be a singer while riding the bus home after school. The duo immediately bonded over a shared love for music and then formed a group called “The Tanners”.

On the other hand, Junyah sang in the church choir while also playing drums for the L.W. Higgins Senior High School band. He quickly became the best friend of the other guy known as Tee. Following this, they two formed a band called “The Trio”.


In 2017, all four boys came together for the first time at a video shoot for “Rich In Spirit Productions”. They shoot their first dance video together with their Grammy-nominated super producer “BlaqNmilD”.

After that, BlaqNmilD encouraged them to form one group and that’s how “Fresh X Reckless” officially assembled in late 2017. Their first major media appearance came in the form of a cameo in a “Super Bowl commercial” for Monster which also featured performances like Iggy Azalea and RiceGum.

Around that time, Fresh X Reckless were also gaining popularity on social media with some perfectly choreographed videos. Additionally, they began sharing the other side of their personalities by posting hilarious content that involved behind-the-scenes clips from video shoots.

Fresh X Reckless as seen in a post (Fresh X Reckless / Instagram)
Fresh X Reckless as seen in a post (Fresh X Reckless / Instagram)


The group, Fresh X Reckless released their single “Criss Cross” in 2019. Later that year, they decided to sign a label deal with “Musical Geniuses Records”. Following that, they released a single “Morrisness” that featured the band’s classic synchronized dance moves.

The group dropped their first official single on major streaming platforms titled “Drippin’ So Hard”. Despite the track’s success, Fresh X Reckless went viral for the first time after a clip of them performing the table at a local Target.

That single clip earned the crew over 14,000 views on Instagram as well as thousands of likes on other social media outlets. Then became a meme the following year when TikTok users began posting it to their feeds called “The Avengers before destroying a third world* country“. The hip-hop collective, Fresh X Reckless has a net worth of $200,000.

Other Ventures

In March and April of 2022, the band Fresh X Reckless went through a falling out. By the end of 2022, only Deelo and Junyah remained members of the collective after Tee and T-Daddie decided to go their separate ways.

Only a few months later, Fresh X Reckless went viral once again. This time, thanks to some promotional videos for their new single “Captain Save Uh Ho”. Deelo and Junyah promoted the song by posting content to TikTok.

Since then, they two have released their newest music video including a track titled “Blinky”. They crafted that single to become an official theme song for their hometown of New Orleans. The two plan to continue their journey together by releasing more singles.

Personal Life

Each of the members from Fresh X Reckless have their own distinct characteristics. For instance, T-Daddie doesn’t generally speak all that much, Deelo likes to sing about his pinky ring, Junyah likes to talk fast, and Tee is obsessed with backward flipping.

A few days before they shot their first video together, Tee was involved in a car accident. Not to mention, the group is also known for its signature table move.

Career Highlights

  • Criss Cross (Song, 2019)
  • Drippin’ So Hard (Song, 2020)
  • Walked In The Club (Song, 2021)

Fresh X Reckless Net Worth

Fresh X Reckless is a four-member pop group who garnered a lot of fame in these recent years. However, the group is not working together as of now, but they have managed to amass a handsome money from their careers.

As of now, only Deelo and Junyah remained a member of Fresh X Reckless. The two continued to work on several upcoming projects. Thanks to their first single “Criss Cross” which helped them to achieve more success. As of 2023, Fresh X Reckless’ net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

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