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Young Dolph Net Worth (Updated 2024)

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Young Dolph was a famous rapper, music writer, and producer who is no more with us. His Total net worth is $3 Million. His Birth name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. He Also worked as a writing producer for years and he was very good at his job. He Was born in Illinois, Chicago on August 11, 1985. He was loved by his fans passionately because of his life stories about how he spent nights on the streets. Also, he was Worldwide famous especially in America because of his distinctive, deep, and attractive voice and his realistic and spicy lyrics.

Dolph made his career successful as a rapper in 2010 after releasing so many solo albums and mix tapes. His songs and lyrics were realistic and every teen and young person could relate to them. In the music industry, his close friend was known to be Gucci Mane. He also produced the company titled “Record Label paper”. He Died in a tragic accident where he was shot by anonymous people when he was in Memphis, which was also his hometown. He died on November 17, 2021. Wolf was 36 years old when he died and there are rumors that he was shot by his possessive anti-fan who once used to be his passionate fan.

What is Young Dolph’s net worth?

Net Worth:$3 Million
Born:July 27.1985
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Rapper
Last Updated:2023


Early Life

Dolph was an American rapper, songwriter, and producer born in Illinois, Chicago. He was born on July 27, 1985. His parents gave him a very beautiful name Adolph Robert Thornton. His parents gave birth to 5 kids so Young had 4 siblings. He was very attached to his grandmother. He faced depression for many years because of his parents, as his parents were addicted to cocaine and other drug substances. In some of his songs, he wrote about his life without his parents and how hard it was for him to survive when he was young.

His parents moved to Tennessee, in the area of Memphis. His grandmother IDA Mae raised him with love and discipline. He went to a local school in his area which was Hamilton High School. He used to work as a barber after coming home from school and he did it from the age of 12 to 15. Then he developed an interest in rapping and that’s when his career as a rapper started. 


Dolph released his first mix tape when he was very young, and he was also a high schooler at that time. The title of his tape was Paper Route Campaign. Then after getting so much love and attention from social media and people in real life, he decided to be a rapper in the future. Then in 2010, he created his own recording company named “Independent Record Label”. Then he released a mix tape entitled “Welcome 2 Dolph World”. Dolph released another mix tape entitled “High-class street music”. and after its success, part 2 came as “High-class Street II”. Young decided to change his rap style and started rapping in his way and he gave his style the title “Vociferous” in 2012.Dolph after one year in November, he released another tape called “Blue Magic” and in April he released “Time to Kill”, another mix tape.

Dolph collaborated with a famous rapper of America Gucci Mane and on 15 October 2013 released a mix tape called East Atlanta Memphis. Then he wrote a song that went viral on its release. The name of the song was ” South Memphis”. Then he released part three of his famous series known as “High-Class Street III”.He was also the creator of another song “American Gangster”. Then he released another song called “Preach”. This song earned so much fame and many people liked it on social media. Then Dolph released the 4th and 5th parts of his famous series”High-Class Street Music” and the title was “The Plug Best Friend”. 

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He faced depression because of his childhood traumas and that’s when his career got in breakthrough era. His fans became less active on social media and his posts started getting less attention and likes. On 30th June, a collaboration was created by Dolph. In this collaboration, he collaborated with Peewee Longway and Gucci Mane. The title of the album was “Felix Brothers”. Then he released “16 Zips”, Another mix tape of him.  

Personal Life

If we talk about his personal life the first thing I would like to tell you is that he faced depression for many years and was traumatized by his parents. His grandmother brought him up and in childhood, he used to hate his grandmother because she used to scold him to make him a disciplined kid. Dolph married Mia Jaye who was his long-term girlfriend for many years. she gave birth to two kids. and it is said that Dolph was a very strict father. After he started raping he mostly collaborated with his cousin and his friend. He was shot to death on September 26, 2017, by an anonymous person outside a departmental store in Los Angeles. 

When he was taken to hospital he went through surgeries and survived. Then he was in the recovery room for about two weeks. Police completed the investigation and told Dolph that the person who shot him was Corey McClendon, but he was arrested for just one day and was released the next day. When covid came in 2019, Dolph went to his parent’s home and started living with them. He was trying to cure his childhood traumas and wanted to make good memories with his parents. That’s when there were rumors everywhere that Dolph was getting retired. 

He was famous for giving money to foundations and charities. He provided motivational speeches to the students of his school where he used to study, Hamilton High School.  

Career Highlights 

  • In 2008 he debuted with a mix tape titled “Paper Route Campaign”.
  • He created his own recording company called Independent Record Label”.
  • On March 15 he released two mix tapes named “Young Scooter” and “Big bang black”.
  • He created and released 5 parts of his worldwide famous series “High-Class Street Music”. 
  • Then he released another song “Cut it”, which was a collaboration. 
  • Then he gave us another hit song entitled “Get Paid”
  • Dolph released another album “King of Memphis” which became so famous, that people loved both music and lyrics. It also secured its position on Billboard 200 and its song was on 47th position.

Young Dolph’s Net worth

Young had $3 Million in net worth. He worked hard his all life. Dolph released mix tapes, and albums and also collaborated with other rappers. Young earned most of his money by rapping and it added a significant amount to his net worth. His fans were very sad about his tragic death.


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