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Chicago’s Bucket List: 7 Unforgettable Adventures You Can’t Miss 

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Chicago, otherwise called the Windy City, welcomes about 56.7 million visitors annually. With this estimate, it is no wonder that Chicago has the title of the premier tourist destination. 

But what is so special about this city that draws this many people in? Is it the art, food, architecture, live blackjack tables, or festivals and events? 

In response to this question, the answer is all of the above. There is no shortage of adventure options in the Windy City. Here’s a look at some options you should add to your bucket list to avoid missing out. 

Try Out Chicago Cuisines

Here in Chicago, eating deep-dish pizza is the norm and everyone has their favorite pie. But beyond this, there is the Italian beef sandwich and the Chicago-style hotdog, where you can pile on as many as seven toppings. 

Also, the city boasts a foodie community where visitors can come around and taste diverse dishes worldwide. Be it Chinatown, West Ridge, or Little Village, there’s a cuisine waiting for your tastebuds to savor. 

Explore The Medieval Torture Museum

In medieval times, the city was known for its horrific torture processes and the Medieval Torture Museum is dedicated to reenacting this, albeit on a lighter note. Several horrific torture instruments in their scores are on display at the museum. If you also wish to see how they carried out executions during those dark times, this is the place for you. 

Spend A Day At the Navy Pier

In Chicago is Navy Pier, an iconic lakefront home to several top-rated restaurants. Also, you can go shopping or tour the city on a boat at the lakefront. Whichever option you choose, there’s always an activity to keep you busy at the Navy Pier. 

Furthermore, the Navy Pier is a major tourist attraction in the Midwest. You can scream with glee as you enjoy a Ferris wheel ride or play your favorite arcade games here. A scenic dinner cruise along the lake and a culture tour at Shakespeare Theater are other activities you can participate in. 

Also, if you are a tech-savvy art fan, you may be more interested in Verse: The Art of The Future. To enjoy this, you must put on a VR headset before being transported to a virtual art gallery to explore various artworks. 

Attend Iconic Festivals And Events

When it’s winter time, everyone comes out of hibernation, and this is because it’s time to kickstart the Chicago festive season. This festival lasts three months of the year, celebrating the best city in the world. It spans from May to September, with a street fest in a different neighborhood every weekend. 

Moreover, there’s an event called Lollapalooza where music fans in their thousands hang out with one another. Also, the Chicago Jazz Festival and World Music Festival are events where the best performers come from all over the world to perform in Chicago. 

View The City From Above

On the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center lies the 360 Chicago Observation Deck. This thrilling tilting platform (TILT) offers a very wide and impressive view of the city and its skyscrapers, including the Willis Tower. The four nearby states comprising Illinois, Indianapolis, Michigan, and Wisconsin are visible from this height. 

Alternative to the 360 Observation Deck is The Ledge. The Ledge is a balcony completely made of glass at Willis Tower’s Skydeck Chicago. You can also get a good view in the Tribune Tower. 

Go On A Boat Tour

One of the best ways to admire the Chicago infrastructure is on a boat cruise through the waters of the Chicago River. The architecture in the Windy City is legendary, historic, and in a class of its own. On the tour, you will surely see the old Post Office Building, the East Bank Club, and the DuSable Bridge. 

Additionally, you get to see the Tribune Tower, the Willis Tower, and the Wrigley Building. This tour usually spans an hour and a half – so that’s an hour of blissful sightseeing. 

Visit A Chicago Zoo

Chicago sports several zoos, but only a few offer free admission. One such zoo is the Lincoln Park Zoo, which boasts custody of more than a thousand animals. 

This zoo is located downtown north and is a 35-acre wildlife park. Here, you can admire the primates, mammals, and other wildlife in their habitat. 

In addition to this, if you prefer to peruse aquatic animals, then there’s an option for you to do this at Shedd Aquarium. At the aquarium, you see beluga whales, tropical fish, and the Giant Pacific Octopus. You also get to enjoy the view of alligators, frogs, and penguins. 

Thus, you see various water ecosystems from the shallow tide pools to the sea depths. 

Final Words

From global cuisines to festivals and events to museum tours, there’s always something to occupy your time in Chicago. So if you wish to curate a bucket list for your time in the city, you can take note of the attractions listed above. With this, you can savor every second you spend in Chicago. 

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