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Brian Brown Easley Net Worth

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Brian Brown Easley, a former Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. He became widely known for making threats against the US government, pledging to target the Wells Fargo Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. His actions were motivated by his belief that the government was not adequately addressing the needs of the military and the Marines. Brian Brown Easley’s net worth is not revealed.  

The movie “Breaking,” featuring John Boyega in the lead role, is based on the story of Brian Brown Easley. The film’s first preview has been unveiled, and it is scheduled for release on 26 August 2022.

What is Brian Brown Easley’s net worth?

Net WorthUpdate Soon
Age33 years old 
ProfessionMarine Corp
Country United States
Salary (Annual)Update Soon
Last Updated 2023

Early Life

Brian Brown Easley was born in Williamstown, New Jersey, United States in 1983. He had mixed ethnicity (Afro-American) and he belonged to a Christian religion. We do not have any information about his parents and siblings. 

Brian was once a marine officer. He worked in the Navy during some very challenging missions. Later, he learned he had trouble with his eyesight. He also faced a tough time dealing with PTSD from his Navy days, which led to him having to leave.

Because he had to quit his navy job, he didn’t have a lot of money. When he didn’t receive a payment of $892 from the Department of Veterans Affairs, it seemed like the government wasn’t willing to assist him with his mental and physical health issues.


Brian Brown-Easley (1983-2017) was a dedicated United States Marine Corps veteran who served with honor in Kuwait and Iraq. Following his discharge in 2005, he received a disability check from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Post-service, Brown-Easley faced significant challenges in securing stable employment and managing his finances. In 2017, a portion of his VA disability pay was withheld to settle a debt owed to a for-profit college. Frustrated and desperate, he entered a Wells Fargo bank in Marietta, Georgia, on July 7, 2017. There, he handed a note to a teller, indicating he had a bomb, and demanded the $892 he believed he was owed.

Law enforcement, including police and FBI negotiators, swiftly responded to the situation, making efforts to peacefully resolve the standoff. Despite their attempts, after several hours, Brown-Easley was tragically shot and fatally wounded by police.

The untimely death of Brian Brown-Easley prompted widespread outcry and ignited protests, as many individuals advocated for a comprehensive reform of the VA system and increased support for veterans. His compelling story was later depicted in the 2022 film “Breaking,” featuring the talented John Boyega in the lead role. 

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Brian Brown Easley went from being a Vietnam veteran to working at the VA. In November 2013, he took hostages at a Georgia VA center with a gun and bomb. He did this because he was upset about how the VA treated veterans. He wanted to talk to President Obama, get an apology, and have his benefits reinstated after they were taken away because of claims he leaked information.

Easley’s story shows the tough times many veterans go through. Even though he did something wrong, it came from feeling desperate and wanting things to be fair. It reminds us how vital it is for veterans to get help with their mental health, especially for things like PTSD. These struggles can lead to issues like using drugs, not having a home, and sadly, sometimes even taking their own life.

Personal Life

Brian Brown Easley married Jessica Tate, who worked as a cashier at Walmart. They had a daughter named Jayla in 2008. Sadly, their marriage ended because Easley had problems with his mental health.

In the time before he passed away, Easley didn’t have a home and was living in his car. He also had a hard time getting the disability benefits he should have gotten from the Veterans Administration (VA).

Career Highlights 

  • Brian Brown Easley’s remarkable career was defined by his dedicated service and advocacy for veterans.
  • He served proudly in the US Marine Corps from 2002 to 2006, completing two deployments in the Middle East.
  • In recognition of his outstanding service, he received several commendations, including the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.
  • Following his military tenure, Easley worked at the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) from 2009 to 2013.
  • The physically demanding nature of his role led to chronic back pain, and he became frustrated with the slow processing of veterans’ claims, which he believed caused financial hardship for many.
  • In 2017, Easley took a bold stand by staging a protest outside the VBA’s regional office in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Easley’s actions ignited a national conversation about the treatment of veterans by the VBA, with many viewing him as a hero willing to face personal consequences for the rights of his fellow veterans.
  • In 2022, a movie called “Breaking” was released, telling Easley’s story and shedding light on the struggles veterans and the VA face, receiving praise for its realistic portrayal of these challenges.

Brian Brown Easley’s Net worth 

Brian Brown Easley passed away in 2017, and there is no publicly available estimate of his net worth. As a former Marine Lance Corporal and in the absence of any known business ventures, his net worth was probably relatively low.

After leaving the Marines, Easley had a tough time in regular life. In 2017, about to lose his home, he went to a bank in Atlanta for his $1,000. When things got bad, the police shot him.

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