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NBA Boy Net Worth (Updated 2024)

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NBA Boy is a famous American rapper and songwriter with a net worth of $6 Million. He started his career in early 2015 after releasing his 3 famous mix tapes. He used to work solo, and it rarely happened that he worked with a team. we can say he was a lion in a jungle of rappers. At the start he struggled, he used to hold free concerts, and his fan following was on average. Then he took a break of 2 months and released an album with the title “Outside Today”. 

NBA Boy is not his real name, instead, it was his stage name ( Never Broke Again). His real name was KENTRELL DESEAN GAULDEN. He was born in LOUISIANA in a city BATON ROUGE. NBA was born in a very romantic month of the year (OCTOBER), on the 20th of October 1999. NBA was so unfortunate that he could not receive the love of his parents. His father spent more than half of his life in prison. NBA’s grandmother loved him like his own son and brought him up.

After the death of his grandmother, he left school and joined bad company. Then he got himself in prison after a fight and was sent to TALLULAH LOUISIANA. He was depressed for days and then he started developing an interest in writing and singing. NBA used to practice in prison and sing rap in front of his prison mates. His first mix tape was “Life Before Fame”, which gave him fame and fans.

NBA Net worth

Net Worth$6 Million
Age24 years old
Born20 October 1999
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Salary (Annual)$0.5 Million +
Last Updated2023


Early Life

KENTRELL DESEAN GAULDEN also known by his stage name NBA is a famous American artist. His early life was full of tragedies. NBA Boy mother left him when he was so young. His father had to go to jail and he was in depression for months. NBA’s father spent more than 60 years in prison. His mother left him when he needed him the most. Which can be seen in the lyrics of his raps. 

NBA’s fans used to say he wrote some famous raps in the memory of his father. But he never wrote about his mother. But in some albums lyrics indicate that mentally he was stuck in his past and was craving for the love of his mother. He left his study. His grandmother took care of him from his childhood. In the absence of his father, he became a member of a group of bullies. One day the matter got serious and he had to go to jail where his career as a rapper officially started but in his mind. After 2 years of his release from jail, he debuted with his first album called “Life Before Fame”. 


NBA Boy career started in 2015 in the early days of April. He released his first solo tape which gave him all the fame and fans at once. The name of this amazing evergreen album was “Life Before Fame”. 

Then he performed in different famous shows and made enough money to release consecutive 3 albums. These albums were so good that he was invited by famous reality shows and promotional Talk shows of that time. The titles of these albums were “Mind of a Menace”, Mind of a Menace 2″, Mind of a Menace 3″.   


Then In 2016, another outstanding and mind-capturing album was dropped by the NBA which was entitled “38 Baby”. This album made it to the famous Billboard “200 Chart” and secured 24th position which was a huge success for him. He celebrated this success with his friends and also thanked his fans through social media. He took a big step and signed a contract with a big and famous company of that time “Atlantic Records”. 

Then He released his first album with that company in January 2018 with the title called “Until Death Calls Me”. This album got attention all over the world. He performed his songs on this album in Las Vegas and many other shows in and outside America. This worldwide success made this album secure 7th position on “Billboard 200 Chart”. At This time he was at the peak of his career. RIAA gave him the award of “Platinium Status” because of this album. After a House arrest of approximately 14 Months, he again started writing music. He was unable to write anything at the start but then in 2019, he released a golden album called ” Bandit” which was a duo album with another artist named JUICE WRLD who was also a rapper. 

Personal Life

NBA Boy Personal life was quite colorful and full of juicy controversies with the sprinkle of some lovely romantic moments. He had affairs with more than 10 women and had 11 children from them. You must remember his famous solo release “Kacey Talk”, two of his sons can be seen in that video. The name of those sons is “Kacey Talk”. After a series of affairs and dating different women, he finally got married to one of his girlfriends. And the spicy fact is at the time of Marriage his wife’s girlfriend already had two of his children. The name of those children was JAzlyn and MICHELLE HAYES. Gaulden was baptized at a traditional level in a church of Latter-day Saints. 

Career Highlights

  • His career started in 2015 when he released his first album with the title “Life Before Fame” which was a huge success at that time.
  • Then he released a series of mix tapes titled “Mind of Menace, Mind of Menace 2, and Mind of Menace 3. 
  • His third single was also a big hit with the title “Before I Go” ” where we can see him missing his mother and craving for his father’s love.
  • His 4th Single Album was a big jackpot which got 7th position on Billboard Chart 200. 
  • Then he dropped another single named “Boosie Badazz”, which was also a hit of that time and he got many sold-out shows after that. 
  • Another tape made him worldwide famous which was “Until Death Calls My Name”.
  • In 2017, august he released another album called “AI Young Boy”. It was a huge hit and was played all over the world. This album also secured its 31st position on Billboard 200.
  • After taking a break of one year in 2018 he released another album titled “Master the Day of Judgment”
  • Then he released another solo track named “Decided”
  • After a few months, another way was released entitled “Realer”.
  • At the start of January 2019, he got huge fame and was known as one of the Top Music Artists on Youtube. 

NBA’s Net Worth

The famous American rapper and songwriter who has also won many awards during his music journey has a net worth of $6 Million. His first album ” Life before Fame”, Earned him both fame and respect. He was invited all over the World to perform shows and his concerts used to be sold out.

This passion and love of his fans was at its peak for 2 years from 2017 to 2015. Other albums which were the reason he made Millions of Dollars were “Until Death Call My Name”, and “Outside Today”. Then he blasted the music industry with his talent and proved his worth after dropping 10 singles in 2019. All of These singles not only earned him more than 9 Million dollars but he became more famous all over the World. He received immense love from his fans and in return his career was also at its peak in those days. 

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