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SugarHill Keem Net Worth

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SugarHill Keem’s Net Worth is estimated to be $100,000. He is an American rapper and musical artist from Harlem, New York. He is best known for being one of the rising New York City rappers. When it comes to the drill music landscape, he is on the list at the top.

In November of 2021, Keem started rapping and began his music career. His real name is Rakeem McMillan. Although he started rapping recently, Keem released numerous tracks and most of which became viral.

These songs earned him a lot of popularity by generating millions of views online. SugarHill rose to fame after the release of his hit single titled “Mr. Move Look”. The song was uploaded on YouTube in April 2022 and it earned over 2 million views within 6 months.

What is SugarHill Keem’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$100,000
CountryUnited States Of America
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Rakeem McMillan was born in 2002 in Harlem, New York City. He grew up with his twin brother, OY Quan. The rapper is quite private about his early life. He hasn’t disclosed much information about his past, such as his parents’ names, etc. Keem earned popularity on the internet at the tail end of 2021. Before this, he even didn’t have a social media account.


SugarHill had no dreams of becoming a rapper before 2021. He spent his entire childhood on the streets of New York City. Another promising young rapper known as Edot Baby grew up with SugarHill Keem in the same town.

The turning point of his career came when he met rapper Sha EK who asked him to join him at his recording studio. The two collaborated on a hit single titled “Brothers” which they dropped in September 2021. After that, Keem was more passionate about pursuing a full-time career as a rapper.

Sha EK and Keem decided to team up with fellow rapper Edot Baby. They released their hit track “Touch The Ground”. That song became ShugarHill’s biggest hit to date and earned millions of views on YouTube.

From that point forward, SugarHill began pursuing his music career as a solo artist. As a solo, he dropped hit singles including “Everybody’s shot”, “Flock At The Flockas”, and “Don’t Trip”. All of these tracks got over a million views on YouTube.

Later, Keem also released more hit singles including “Evil Twins” ft OY Quan, and “Se#y And I Know It”. The music videos of these tracks ended up getting over a million views.

Personal Life

SugarHill Keem and his twin brother OY Quan first found themselves in trouble at the age of just 16. Four New York City Police Department officers were investigating an altercation. That took place in Keem and his brother’s Westchester Avenue apartment building.

During that time these two brothers recorded themselves on video in which they insulted the officers. Thereafter they published that video on different social media platforms and it got viral all over the internet. In this two minutes video, they insulted the police officers and said “Get out of my building”.

Eventually, the police left the building and the brothers kindly waved goodbye to them. The following day SugarHill Keem was arrested for a strong-armed robbery because officers thought he stole a scooter. Officers also arrested his twin brother for another robbery.

Then in May 2022 the rapper again found himself behind bars for unclear reasons. According to social media, his arrest was a finishing expedition by police.

SugarHill Keem Net Worth

As of 2023, SugarHill Keem’s Net Worth is approximately to be around $100,000. Not to mention that the rapper made all of his money from the music industry such as sales, streams, hit singles as well as his YouTube channel.


How much is SugarHill Keem?

SugarHill Keem has a net worth of $100,000.

How Old is SugarHill Keem?

SugarHill Keem was born in 2002 and is 22 years old.

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