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SugarHill Ddot Net Worth

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SugarHill Ddot’s Net Worth is estimated to be $300,000. He is an American rapper from Harlem, New York City. The young rapper rose to fame in May 2022 after releasing his breakthrough single “Reality (Shot by Cpdfilms)”.

That track earned him a lot of popularity in the music industry. It got viral racking up over 1.8 million views within 7 months of its release. Following the success, he began releasing more hit singles along with friends like DD Osama.

Outside of YouTube, Ddot also has a large fan base on different social media outlets. He became one of the rising rappers in the country. In October 2022 he again came to the spotlight after the release of his other hit single “Lost boy”.

What is SugarHill Ddot’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$300,000
BornMarch 8, 2008
ProfessionDrill Rapper
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$100 Thousand
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Sugarhill Ddot was born in Harlem Sugar Hill on March 8th, 2008. He was raised in a Dominican household and spent his childhood mostly on the streets. As a kid, he loved watching Nickelodeon’s TV programs like “The Fairly Odd Parents”.

Sugarhill found his interest in music when he saw the hit Fox’s hip-hop series “Empire”. Although he didn’t listen to music as a kid, he occasionally heard rappers, Chris Brown and Tupac. Ddot started his music career by discovering the success of his hometown friends like Sha EK and Edot Baby.

Before releasing any single, SugarHill used to appear in the background music videos of his friend Edot Baby. It was even Edot who encouraged SugarHill to start a drill rap career. Soon after he started going into the studio to record his early tracks.


In March 2022 SugarHill released his two singles “Too Tact” and “Everybody Sho#” on SoundCloud and YouTube. His follow-up single was “Evil Twins”, which he performed alongside his best friend Notti Osama. After establishing himself, Ddot released a couple of music videos on Raps & Hustles’ YouTube channel.

In November 2021, he launched his self-titled YouTube channel. He began releasing tracks like “Reality”, “Warzone”, and “I Wanna Love You”. The music videos for the songs got thousands of views on YouTube.


The breakthrough of Sugarhill’s career came when he collaborated with his friend Notti Osama. They released the follow-up to Evil Twins titled “Evil Twins Pt. 2”. He was just ready to release the music video for that track but suddenly he lost his friend Notti Osama.

His best friend Osama was stabbed in a conflict at a Manhattan College Subway station in July 2022. Unfortunately, Notti Osama passed away. Osama was the younger brother of the popular rap artist DD Osama.

DD and Notti have both appeared alongside SugarHill Ddot in several music videos to singles like “Too Tact”, as well as “40s N 9s”. Ddot says that he nearly lost his mind when he first heard the news of Notti’s death.

Following the death of his friend, SugarHill didn’t stop his music journey. He continued to release more tracks like “Stop Cappin”, “No Remorse”, “Heavy”, and “Lost Boy”. In November 2022 Ddot teamed up with fellow rapper JStar Balla to release the hit single “Take Trips”.

On November 21st, SugarHill released his latest music video titled “The Real Purge”. The song wound up getting over 800k views on YouTube within two weeks of its release.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best highlights of SugarHill Ddot’s career:

  • Reality (Song, 2022)
  • Evil Twins PT2 (Song, 2022)
  • Lost Boy (Song, 2022)
  • The Real Purge (Song, 2022)

SugarHill Ddot Net Worth

SugarHill is an American drill rapper from Harlem, who made a name for himself in music within one year. He is more determined than ever to succeed and accomplish his ultimate goal of becoming the best artist. He is doing hard work not only for himself but for his fallen friend Notti Osama as well.

SugarHill and his fellow young rappers have made an incredible impact on the hip-hop world. He achieved instant success with singles including “Reality”, “Evil Twins PT2”, and “Lost Boy”. As of 2023, SugarHill Ddot’s net worth is roughly to be $300 thousand.

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