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Miguel Mawad Net Worth

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Miguel Mawad is a Venezuelan entrepreneur, who gained fame for his romantic involvement with Genesis Aleska Castellanos, a model, and Gaby Espino, an actress. Being among the wealthiest individuals in Venezuela, Miguel Mawad enjoys a lavish lifestyle as one of the country’s millionaires. Miguel Mawad’s net worth is around $3 million USD. 

Miguel and Gaby Espino walked the red carpet together at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Gaby’s supporters were unhappy about it because Miguel was linked to controversies in Venezuelan politics.

If you are searching for information about Miguel Mawad then you landed in the right place. In this article we will give you details information about him including Miguel Mawad’s net worth, career, girlfriend, wife, relationship, height, weight, family, and more.

What is Miguel Mawad’s net worth?

Net Worth$3 Million USD
Age38 years old 
Born29 December 1982
ProfessionBusinessman, Entrepreneur, Celebrity Husband 
Country Venezuela
Salary (Annual)$200K
Last Updated 2023

Early Life

Migue Mawad was born in Caracas, Venezuela on 29 December 1982 to his father Romeo Mekael Kaadou Mouawad, and mother Jespa Mouawad Mawad. He comes from a mixed background, but his roots are Arab. His religion is Islam (Muslim). He has one sister named Tania. His nationality is Venezuelan and his zodiac sign is Cancer. 

Miguel Mawad completed his primary education at a local public institution. Post high school, he achieved an impressive Grade Point Average. He enrolled in a comprehensive four-year administration program at the esteemed University Metropolitana, where he studied from 1999 to 2003, honing his skills and knowledge in the field.


Miguel Mawad’s professional journey began when he took on the role of Tesoreria at Banco Federal from 2006 to 2008. His subsequent position at BOD from 2008 to 2010 marked a significant milestone, greatly advancing his career.

Following this, his contributions in the business field garnered notable recognition. Moving into the role of an Analyst at MG further propelled his career to unprecedented heights.

Known for his skill in problem-solving, Miguel not only established a prominent reputation but also created a lasting legacy with promising prospects for the future.

Miguel’s career has consistently seen a series of successes and daring ventures. Both his professional path and personal life have captivated audiences worldwide and garnered attention from netizens.

While his involvement in politics and association with controversial figures sparked some discussion, Miguel adeptly navigated through life’s challenges with a calm demeanor, emerging victorious in every endeavor. Maybe you like to read: David Tennant Net Worth


Miguel Mawad’s breakthrough in his career occurred when he stood out as a financial advisor, specializing in aiding small and medium-sized businesses in Venezuela. He showcased a talent for managing finances and crafting shrewd business plans.

In 2011, he transitioned to the role of an analyst at MG, a prestigious private investment firm. This was a crucial moment in his career, giving him valuable insights into high-stakes investments.

Miguel Mawad’s sharp business sense and ability to spot promising opportunities were evident in his investments in technology, entertainment, and healthcare ventures.

His significant financial success placed him among the 15 wealthiest individuals in Venezuela, with an estimated annual income of $200K. This further cemented his reputation as a prominent figure in the Venezuelan business scene.

While he achieved a lot, Miguel Mawad faced challenges in his career. He dealt with allegations of fraud and corruption from the Venezuelan government, which prevented him from returning to his home country. However, this difficulty did not stop him from pursuing entrepreneurial ventures on a global scale.

Personal Life

Miguel Mawad has been in notable relationships with two lovely women. He was first married to Manana Bakhos, with whom he had two children. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work out and they got divorced.

After the divorce, Miguel Mawad started dating Aleska Genesis Castellanos, who is a model. Their relationship eventually ended, and Aleska began dating the reggaeton musician Nicky Jam.

Around the same time, Miguel Mawad began a relationship with Gaby Espino, a Venezuelan model and actress, in 2021. They attended the well-known Billboard Latin Music Awards together, which caused some controversy due to Mawad’s political ties in Venezuela. As a result, he and Gaby Espino ended their relationship.

Surprisingly, Miguel Mawad rekindled his romance with Aleska Genesis, and they are currently residing together in Miami.

Career Highlights 

  • Miguel Mawad is the son of Romeo Mawad, a billionaire tycoon who started his career by selling computers in Venezuela.
  • Miguel Mawad has been accused of participating in various fraudulent businesses at the expense of the Venezuelan state, which prevents him from returning to his country.
  • Miguel Mawad has also faced a lawsuit and a restraining order from his ex-fiancee, Genesis Aleska, who alleged that he assaulted her and caused her injuries2.
  • Miguel Mawad has dated several celebrities, such as Gaby Espino and Nicky Jam, but none of his relationships lasted long.

Miguel Mawad Net worth 

Miguel Mawad is a highly successful businessman with an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million USD. His wealth primarily stems from his entrepreneurial ventures, and he has worked diligently to establish a prominent reputation in the business world.

Miguel Mawad earns around $200,000 annually, boosting his wealth. With this income, he leads a comfortable and lavish life. He also possesses various assets. However, specific details about his belongings are not publicly available, indicating that he prefers to keep them private. In summary, Mawad is considered a millionaire who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

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