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Jelly Roll Net Worth

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Jelly Roll is an American rapper and country singer who has a net worth of $4.5 Million. He is best known for his hit singles including “Pop Another Pill,” “Creature,” and “Save Me.”

Jelly rose to fame after the release of his breakthrough single “Pop Another Pill” in collaboration with Lil Wyte. The track went viral reaching over 6.5 million views on YouTube. It also led the rapper to collaborate with some high-profile artists such as Struggle Jennings, Ryan Upchurch, and Tech N9ne.

Jelly began his music career by creating a YouTube channel in December 2009. He continued to upload music videos and eventually earned millions of followers all across the world. He has over 2.8 million subscribers on his eponymous channel.

What is Jelly Roll’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$4.5 Million
BornDecember 4, 1984
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$500,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Jason DeFord aka Jelly Roll was born on December 4th, 1986, in the United States. He grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in the southside community known as Antioch. When Jason was still a teenager his father left his family.

Jason had a rough childhood as he went to Juvenile Haul for the first time after catching an armed robbery charge at the age of 14. He dropped out of high school and began selling drugs to make a living. As a result, he spent most of his teenage years in prison.

Jason’s other passion was for music which he grew up loving ever since his earliest moments of dancing with his mother at home. He began his passion for music more seriously in the early 2000s. He decided to use his mother’s old nickname for him Jelly Roll as his moniker.


In 2010 Jelly collaborated with Lil Wyte to release his single “Pop Another Pill” which became a massive success by earning him traction in the industry. Next year, Jelly teamed up with Wyte and another local artist Haystak to release albums “Year Round” and “Strictly Business.”

In June 2011 Jelly dropped his mixtape “Gamblin on a White Boy 4” under the label, Top $helf Investments. He followed that up by releasing another tape “Mid-Grade Miracle (The Boston George Story).”


In October 2012 Jelly released his debut solo album “The Big Sal Story” and he followed that up with a 2013 mixtape “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House” which would change his life. After printing 100,000 copies of his track-free mixtape, Jelly hit the streets to give them all away.

His next solo project “Sobriety Su*ks” became one of his most successful hits, landing at the 12th spot on the Billboard R&B charts. He released albums “A Beautiful Disaster” and “Self Medicated” in March and October 2020 respectively.

A Beautiful Disaster became his highest charting album by reaching number 9th spot on the Billboard Independent charts. In December 2020 his album “Waylon & Willie IV” came out and later he released “Ballads of the Broken” in September 2021. Jelly Roll has a net worth of $4.5 Million.

Other Ventures

Jelly Roll has been working with other artists for over a decade. He dropped 2 collaborative albums with Haystak, 2 with Lil Wyte, 4 with Struggle Jennings, and 1 under the partnership of SNO with BPZ and Lil Wyte.

Throughout his career, Jelly dropped numerous albums, mixtapes, and EPs, as well as he collaborated with the likes of Yelawolf, Caskey, Young Buck, Rittz, and others.

Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO as seen in November 2022 (JellyRoll/ Instagram)
Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO as seen in November 2022 (JellyRoll/ Instagram)

Personal Life

At the age of 24 Jelly started his relationship with the bartender and became the father of a daughter named Bailey. Later he got married to a musical artist Bunnie DeFord also known as Bunnie XO.

Despite his mixtape Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House’s success, he faced a problem when Waffle House was none too happy about the dilution of their brand and served Jelly Roll with a lawsuit. Soon after he was served, Jelly couldn’t even access his Facebook or YouTube profiles. As a result of the lawsuit, he was not able to use his accounts for more than a week.

Apart from that, Jelly Roll put a hard work to lose a whole bunch of weight after his doctors told him he might not live to see 30 if he stayed as heavy as he was. So he got to walk miles each day to drop many pounds of weight. His decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle has led him to create over a dozen different albums, mixtapes, and EPs since 2013.

Career Highlights

  • Pop Another Pill (Song, 2010)
  • Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House (Mixtape, 2013)
  • Fall in the Fall (Song, 2017)
  • A Beautiful Disaster (Album, 2020)
  • Creature (Song, 2020)
  • Save Me (Song, 2020)
  • Bottle & Mary Jane (Song, 2020)
  • Son of a Sinner (Song, 2021)
  • 2023 Three CMT Music Awards _ Won

Jelly Roll Net Worth

Jelly Roll is one of the most popular independent rappers in the industry and rose to fame after the release of his song “Pop Another Pill.” He’s also probably known for his 2013 mixtape “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House.”

Jelly accomplished a lot throughout his successful journey in music. Not to mention that the main source of his income comes from releasing albums and new tracks.

Additionally, the rapper has a YouTube channel which is a big contributor to his wealth. As of 2023, Jelly Roll’s net worth is estimated to be $4.5 Million.

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