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Beabadoobee Net Worth

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Beabadoobee aka Beatrice Kristi Laus is a Filipino singer and social media personality who has a net worth of $1 Million. She came to the spotlight after releasing her breakthrough single “Coffee” in 2017.

She became one of alternative music’s most unique and engaging personalities on the internet. Her popularity grew further when she dropped her 2018 single “Susie May”. From that point on she continued to release one EP after another and earned a lot of fame.

Beabadoobee released her first EP “Lice” in 2018 and since then her four more EPs came out. Additionally, she released studio albums and received a number of accolades including being offered the Radar Award at the 2020 NME Awards as well as getting predicted to be a breakthrough act for the 2020 annual BBC poll of music critics Sound of 2020. 

What is Beabadoobee’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
BornJune 3, 2000
Salary (Annual)$300,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Beatrice Kristi Laus was born on June 3rd, 2000, in Iloilo City, Philippines. She lived for the first couple of years of her life in the Philippines before emigrating to Camden in North London at the age of three.

Bea was an active kid who swam competitively and messed around with gymnastics and ballet. She played the violin and performed competitively at talent shows as a pre-teen. Popular acts like the musical group “APO Hiking Society” are the most important influence on her own musical style.

She also loves to listen to other mainstream acts including Nirvana and The Cranberries who her mother introduced her to when she was just still young. Bea attended a mostly white, all-girls Catholic school and then went to Sacred Heart High School in Hammersmith, London.

Before she could graduate from high school, Bea was expelled for a combination of bad grades and bad behavior. Shortly after being kicked out of school, Bea was given a secondhand guitar by her father at the age of 17.


Her stage name “Beabadoobee” came from a fake Instagram account, being created as a kid and named Beabadoobee. After coming up with a moniker and teaching herself how to play the sixth string, Bea uploaded a cover of the “Glue Song” in 2017. But it wasn’t that song that left a lasting impression.

Instead, it was the song “Coffee” that became a viral sensation. It was the very first song Bea ever wrote herself. She composed the song for her boyfriend an aspiring filmmaker ” Soren Harrison”. Following that song’s release, Soren went on to sketch the cover art for the single, a co-direct some of Bea’s music videos.

As a teenager, Bea signed her first record deal with “Dirty Hit” in early 2018. From there she got to work on her Debut EP “Lice” which was released in March 2018. Over the next year she dropped her further two EPs titled “Patched Up” and “Loveworm”.

During the entire process, Bea gradually enlisted bandmates to help bring the sounds inside of her head to life. When she had a solid group to collaborate with, she created her 2019 EP “Space Cadet” which became a turning point in her career.

Beabadoobee as seen in a post (Beabadoobee/Instagram)
Beabadoobee as seen in a post (Beabadoobee/Instagram)


In June 2020 her song “Coffee” popped up in a Dunkin Donuts commercial. As a result, Bea earned a lot of exposure and maximized the moment with the release of her debut studio album “Fake It Flowers” in October of that year.

The album contains hit singles like “Care”, “Sorry”, and “How Was Your Day?”. Her first project was a hit with a series of delays throughout its recording process and by the time it was released, she already felt like she had moved on as an artist.

In 2022 Bea’s track “See You Soon” came out and appeared on her sophomore studio album “Beatopia”. When the project was released it hit the number 4 spot on the UK Album Charts. Beabadoobee continued to build upon that success with further projects including her hit single “Glue Song”. That track was released in early 2023 and it’s since become a TikTok sensation.

Other Ventures

In late 2019 the Canadian rapper Powfu discovered Bea’s song “Coffee” and he wound up looping the hook into his own downbeat tune titled “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)”. Shortly after its release, Powfu’s song became a massive hit on TikTok. It became a meme on the internet and was used 10 billion times on TikTok between Feb and May of 2020 alone.

Outside of releasing new tracks, Beabadoobee expanded her outreach in other countries such as being named as an opening act on the US leg of  Taylor Swift’s forthcoming “The Eras Tour”.

In 2021 she announced her first headlining tour “Fake It Flowers Tour”, and then went on to several tours such as US Tour 2022, Beatopia Tour 2022, Europe Tour 2023, and US Summer Tour. 

In March 2023, Beabadoobee announced her tour which would be held in different countries including Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 

Personal Life

Beabadoobee began dating British filmmaker Soren Harrison. She also composed the song “Coffee” for her boyfriend. The two first met when they both were 15 years old. However, “Lice” in June 2022 after dating for about 7 years. Beabadoobee then began her relationship with photographer and director Jacob Erland in July 2022.

Career Highlights

  • Coffee (Song, 2020)
  • Fake It Flowers (Debut studio album, 2020)
  • He Gets Me So High (Song, 2021)
  • Beatopia (Second album, 2022)
  • Glue Song (Song, 2023)
  • 2020 Brit Awards, Rising Star _ Nomination
  • 2020 NME Awards, Radar Award _ Won
  • 2021 AIM Independent Music Awards, Best Live Streamed Act _ Nomination
  • 2021-2022 UK Music Video Awards, Best Rock Video – UK and Best Pop Video – Newcomer _ Won

Beabadoobee Net Worth

Beabadoobee is one of the rising singers in the music industry. She gained a lot of popularity with her breakout single “Coffee”. That track not only earned her accolades but also caught the attention of Dirty Hit Records with whom she signed.

Bea released five EPs from 2018 to 2021 and then started recording her studio albums. In the meantime, she collaborated with several other artists as well as going on tour.

She mainly earns from releasing albums, live concerts, and other ventures. As of 2023, Beabadoobee’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

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