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Angel Dior Net Worth

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Angel Dior is a hip-hop artist from the Dominican Republic who has a net worth of $200,000. He came to the spotlight after co-signing with Bad Bunny. Angel is known for becoming one of the hottest artists in the rap community.

Angel began his rap career recently and has already worked with the likes of 6ix9ine and many others. He made a name for himself through his impressive skills in music.

What is Angel Dior’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$200,000
BornOctober 27th, 2001
CountryDominican Republic
Salary (Annual)$50,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Angel Rosario was born on October 27th, 2001 in the Villa Maria sector of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in a working-class family along with five siblings. As a child, he started selling Chocolate alongside his father.

Every morning, he used to wake up at around 6 AM and walk around his neighborhood with a bag of chocolates. While spending his day selling chocolates, Angel often listened and sing along to the sounds of American trap.


Angel entered artist mode, showing his love for American trap with the musical genre known as “Dembo”. When Angel began his musical journey and adopted the new moniker called “Angel Dior”.

Over the years, Angel ground on his way toward becoming a bigger and better performer under this new name. Angel got the opportunity from a local urban performer who opened the doors for Angel by collaborating with him on his first song.


In September 2022, Angel Dior had just 13,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. By the following month, that number had exploded to 171,000 subs, a stunning increase of over 100,000 percent.

As he accomplished such a massive jump in popularity, he primarily had to do with two things. At first, Angel released the hit single “A I O” which received over 9 million views on YouTube in just one month. That specific track earned him so much attention.

Soon, Angel found himself on the radar of other high-profile Domanican performers such as Ozuna and Bad Bunny. After the release of his breakout single “A I O”, the rapper Bad Bunny invited Angel to appear on a stage with him.

Other Ventures

Dior shared the stage with Bad Bunny during the world’s hottest tour at the “Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium” in the Dominican Republic in October 2022. After performing “A I O” and his other hit single “Piropi”, Angel earned himself a large number of new fans.

Following the concert with Bad Bunny, Angel’s YouTube subs count increased by 13,000 while averaging close to 470,000 views a day. His performance on the show led him to become one of the up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

Ever since breaking through, Angel continued to release one new track after another. In November 2022, he appeared on the album “SAGITARIO” alongside El Alfa. A few months later, he popped up in the music video to Tamo En Nota, a party track collaboration with Rauw Alejandro.

In April 2023, the famous rapper 6ix9ine released the music video for the song “WAPAE” in which Angel appeared as a featuring artist. That track wound up amassing 9.5 million views within 9 days of its release.

Personal Life

In January 2023, French Luxury Brand’s representatives asked Angel to stop using the Dior trademark in any way.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the most popular songs of Angel Dior:

  • A I O (2022)
  • Piropi (2022)
  • MILLONARIO (2022)
  • Romo y Pepas (2022)
  • Velocidad (2022)
  • Angel Dior x Flow 28 x Leo Rd – Malabu (2023)

Angel Dior Net Worth

Angel Dior is on his way to becoming one of the lead rappers in the rap community. He rose to fame after releasing his hit single “A I O” in 2022. This song grabbed the attention of Bad Bunny who quickly approached Angel to appear on the stage.

His incredible viral popularity helped the rapper to accumulate a handsome amount of money for himself and his family. Dior mainly earns from music, releasing songs, performing on live shows, as well as from YouTube. As of 2023, Angel Dior’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

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