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BandmanRill Net Worth

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BandmanRill’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $1.5 Million. He is an American TikTok star and rapper from New Jersey. He came up as one of the hottest new artists in the country. During the pandemic, BnadmanRill got the opportunity to start his music career.

He began rapping in 2020 by releasing his first single “Heartbroken”. That track became a hit and earned him popularity. From that point forward he continued to release more singles and eventually signed a deal with Warner Music Group.

What is BandmanRill’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1.5 Million
BornAugust 17, 2002
ProfessionRapper, TikTok Star
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$500 Thousand
Last Updated2023

Early Life

BandmanRill was born on August 17th, 2002 in Newark, New Jersey. Bandman grew up in a family of more than eleven kids. Most of the time it was him, his mom, his dad, his grandfather, grandmother, sister, aunt, uncle, and cousin living under one roof.

But over the years, the people living alongside him left him including his father. Bandman attended Maple Avenue Elementary School in kindergarten. While in school he heard the beat for the very first time in the 5th Grade.

It happened during a school celebration when his buddy was dancing on the track in 2nd grade. However, he couldn’t figure out what the song was called for a couple of years. But as he carried on with his education, Bandman fleshed out his own musical ability.

Growing up he continued to attend further dance events at the school cafeteria. That’s when he heard DJs like Dash, DJ LILMAN, and J-Hood. Apart from that, Bandman’s father was a DJ and his mother was a big fan of music. His mom used to listen to popular pop artists while cleaning up around the house.

Despite the music, his other passion was boxing. Once he entered the 6th grade Bandman put all of his energy into becoming the best boxer that he could be. As far as he was concerned becoming a professional athlete was his life’s goal.


As he was approaching the tail end of his education he came down with Covid in March 2020. From there everything changed. During the early stages of the pandemic, BandmanRill couldn’t head outside to keep up with his boxing regimen.

So he wound up filling his time by recording some music in his home studio. He had built his music studio in his house for his OGS who loved to record themselves rapping just for fun. But with all of his own attention said unboxing he never really joined in himself all that much.

Bandman eventually came up with the idea of inventing a whole new genre of music. Jersey Club as it came to be known as Undergone Evolution over the year. But it was the BandmanRill who truly popularized the genre.

Jersey Club originally dates back to the 2000s when music artist DJ Tameil discovered the music of Baltimore Club Pioneers DJ Technics and Rob Lee. Bandman was in touch with the scene instead he was listening to Chicago drill artists like Chief Keef and L’A Capone.

But when he started looking to leave his own mark in music, he combined all of these disparate influences into one. To start his music journey BandmanRill teamed up with fellow New Jersey native producer MC VERT. The two began collaborating on beats that MC VERT performed at house parties all around their home state.


During the pandemic in 2020, BandmanRill decided to record the bars for his hit single “HeartBroken”. He then teased a single online with a short snippet on Tik Tok. The day after he discovered from illness, the song went viral, clocking in at a whopping 170 beats per minute.

His first single “Heartbroken” took the entire social media world by storm in the spring of 2021. That track earned him a lot of popularity in the music world. From that point forward he continued to record more music.

BandmanRill and MCVERT followed a similar formula by releasing further hit singles like “I Am Newark”, “MR.DONTCUFFTHAT”, and “BULLET”.

He eventually earned himself a deal with Warner Records. Under the deal, he continued to turn out one hit single after another. He put a new drill-era spin on a musical lineage that traces back more than a decade.

Other Ventures

When he was still a boxer Bandman used to wake up at 4 am and go for a run. He then heads to the class at 6 am and hits up the gym right after school. Now the rapper is putting that same discipline into his music. He wakes up early and then writes a track, hits the studio, and spends anywhere from 6 to 12 hours.

He also continued emphasizing his working relationship with MCVERT. MCVERT produced a couple of tracks on BandmanRill’s debut studio album called “Club Godfather”.

That project was released in October of 2022 and it contains 13 singles. Bandman even brought along several up-and-coming peers like Sha EK, and Lay Bankz, among others.

Career Highlights

  • Heartbroken (Song 2021)
  • Tonight’s Da Night Freestyle (Song 2021
  • Real Hips (Song 2022)
  • Club Godfather (Album 2022)

BandmanRill Net Worth

As of 2023, BandmanRill’s Net Worth is approximately $1.5 million. He is one of those artists who made a name for themselves during the pandemic. The rapper started his career in 2020 and within two years he reached great heights.

Music is the main source of his income from which Bandman already earned a good sum of money. BandmanRill doesn’t sense himself to be a drill rapper instead Jersey Club is his go-to genre. But he likes to be recognized as a rapper.

TikTok is also another social media platform that helped him to show his abilities. Moreover, Bandman created his YouTube channel on May 25th, 2022, and then began uploading his music videos. According to some reports, his yearly income is roughly $500 thousand.

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