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Yk Osiris Net Worth – Income, Age, Career, Height & More

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Osiris Jahkail Williams is a household name in the Hollywood music industry because of the fame that he earned at a very young age. He is one of the most prominent singers who succeeded with very few releases. After a deep analysis about the osiris he has estimated net worth of $3 Million. It was the intensity of his music and relatable lyrics that attracted him to the top, and his audience could enjoy it. 

The music Osiris makes is a perfect fusion of contemporary and old-school essence. From his debut song to the song he released recently, we could not think of any that did not gain him the desired attention.

In the beginning, he uploaded his songs on SoundCloud and his YouTube channel, which were a huge hit and got millions of views just after a few days of uploading. 

He attained this YK title from his teacher, which means Young King. His mother and teachers saw a spark in him and believed that if this little spark could be ignited, it would grow and become a huge fire that would burn the world through its light. Eventually, Osiris proved them right.

Real nameOsiris Jahkail Williams
Place of BirthFlorida, United States
Last Updated2024
Net Worth$3 million

YK Osiris Early Life

Born on September 7, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, YK was inspired by Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. His passion for music was nothing but a dream.

He was growing up with 7 more siblings. Talking about his early life is all about how he fought for survival. At a very young age, his father left them, and his mother took full responsibility for everything. 

He was even sentenced to jail when he was caught red-handed stealing money for some basic needs. His love for music is not limited to a single genre but multiple ones like old school, soul, classic R&B, modern pop, and rap. 

Osiris loved to write his songs from a very young age but never publicly revealed them. However, at the age of 17, he finally published his songs online and got a positive response. 

YK Osiris Career

After all his hard work and struggles, Osiris made his debut in 2017 with ‘Fake Love’. He uploaded this song on different streaming platforms and received a record-breaking response of 1.5 million views in a day.  

After gaining this massive success, he released his second song, ‘I’m Next’, in January 2018. This, too, was a big hit and took Osiris’s career to the next level.

Getting critical acclamation from his back-to-back releases, Osiris released another song in the same year in April, ‘Valentine’ which also attained high appreciation from his fans and followers. 

Until 2024, every song the young and enthusiastic singer has released is mostly about breakups or dommed love lives. In 2019, he gave another masterpiece to his fans, ‘Worth It’. This song broke his previous record and reached the 48th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


In 2018, Osiris flew to New York to sign a deal with Def Jam Recording. For this huge step, his father came with him and helped him go through all the intricate procedures and contracts. After that, he continued to release back-to-back hits like ‘Timing, Run & Ride 4 Me, featuring Big 40.

Juggling with so many tasks also included recording his debut studio album, ‘The Golden Child’. The American-based singer got his break right after his debut song.

Some of his top hits include:

  • Worth It
  • Leave me on a read
  • Dear Fans
  • Freaky Dancer

Despite being loved and respected for his music career, Osiri also has side hustles like brand endorsements and live concerts. His monthly earnings are a result of his multiple lucrative ventures.

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YK Osiris Biography

Age26 years
Height 5’9”
Weight 70 Kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Sister 6
Marital StatusCommitted

Other Ventures

After his music was appreciated by East Side Ivo, who messaged Osiris that he would love to repost his song on his page, his fame skyrocketed and reached new heights.

Apart from his exceptional vocals, the young singer always desired to dance, but he always failed. However, his curiosity and aspiration to dance blessed him with a chance to meet Chris Brown, who tried to teach him his best moves. 

He also got a chance to meet his inspirations, including Meek Mill, Drake, Future, and Young Thug. His biggest dream is to share the stage with Justin Bieber. 


His marital status has been a mystery until now; however, it was confirmed that Osiris started dating American rapper Dream Doll in 2019. This news revolved around their social media accounts, where they posted their clips of getting comfortable. 

YK Osiris Net Worth

Reportedly, as of 2024, Osiris’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. His several hit singles, raps, and other brand endorsements have contributed a lot to his success and a stable net worth that is surely double that of many others. 

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