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Wrapped in Elegance: Printed Pillow Box Packaging

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Pillow boxes are the most widely used packaging options for businesses and brands.These boxes give an elegant look to the products packed inside.You can enhance your sales by using printed pillow boxes for your products

If you are looking for pertinent packaging solutions for your products, you have landed on the right page.We will give you information about the perks of pillow boxes and why your business needs them. Let’s take a quick look at what pillow boxes are and what they are made of.

What are Printed Pillow Boxes?

The customization of packaging boxes has revolutionized the packaging industry, and now they are available in multiple designs, shapes, and varieties.Additionally, these packaging boxes provide protection and add beauty to your products. 

Printed pillow boxes are made of different materials, like kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, or hard paper. These boxes are lightweight and trending in the market owing to their perks and elegant designs. The pillow-shaped boxes grab the attention of buyers, among other products. 

Moreover, these boxes play a vital role in increasing the value of the product inside because they are easy to handle and have a sophisticated look.Additionally, you can get personalized pillow boxes with Logo  for your business that consist of catchy taglines and the logo of your brand.

Key Materials for Manufacturing Pillow Boxes

Ingredients in the manufacturing of a packaging box play a vital role in its shine and premier finishing. Following are the materials used in the manufacturing of customized pillow gift boxes:


Cardboard provides protection against the extreme environment and protects the product from external damage. Furthermore, this material is flexible and readily embraces any shape and size.   

Kraft Paper:

Kraft paper is a sustainable material and can be recycled. This material is preferred for manufacturing pillow boxes because it gives stiffness and elegance to the packaging box. 

Corrugated fibreboard:

This material has rigid qualities, and it is used to hold fragile products for long shipments. You can customize the packaging box according to your preferred design and logo.

Perks of Using Pillow Boxes for Your Products:

We have listed the most important benefits of using pillow boxes to help you decide if these boxes are a good option for your packaging needs and why Custom Pillow Boxes are Vital for Brand Success.

Enhanced Protection for Products

Pillow boxes have a sophisticated shape, but contrary to that, they are rigid and stiff. They keep products safe from damage during home delivery or shipment.Additionally, these boxes are the ultimate choice for brands for their products. 

These boxes can hold every product, like gift items, food packaging, apparel, wedding invites, and miscellaneous accessories.Undoubtedly, these packaging boxes are the perfect recipe for success for your business. 

Easy to Carry:

Pillow boxes are easy to carry for your customers because they are lightweight.Meanwhile, if you prefer a personalized pillow box design for your brand, it will make your product easier to handle. There are numerous designs of pillow boxes available on the market that can enhance the beauty of your products.

Perfectly Assembled for Your Brand’s Marketing:  

It is one of the best perks of branded pillow box printing that you can use these packaging boxes to market your brand. 

You can describe your product on the front of these boxes.Their perks are not limited to different sizes of packaging boxes; instead, you can choose different printing styles for your pillow boxes. 

The following are the prominent add-ons for pillow boxes.

  1. Window Patching
  2. Spot UV
  3. Debossing
  4. Embossing
  5. Hot Stamping

These multiple printing methods enhance the grace of pillow packaging boxes for your business. 

Cost Effective for Your Business:

Custom printed pillow packaging is cost-effective for your brand in multiple ways.These boxes are often made from economical materials like kraft paper, corrugated paper, and cardboard paper, which helps to keep manufacturing costs down. 

Their unique shape allows for efficient storage and transportation, allowing you to save on shipping expenses.Additionally, pillow boxes have a  simple design.It makes them easy to assemble and reduces the labor costs for any business. 

Furthermore, they have an eye-catching appearance more than any other packaging box.It can attract customers, potentially increasing sales and revenue. 

Applications of Pillow Packaging Boxes for Different Industries: 

  • Medicine and Food Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Gift industry
  • Health and Wellness Products
  • Candies 

Increase Your Sales with Pillow Box Packaging:

Pillow boxes for packaging are vital for boosting sales in any of the above-mentioned businesses.These logo-printed pillow cartons, with their appealing designs and unique shapes, grab the buyer’s attention.Moreover, it makes the brand stand out on store shelves. 

Your product seems more gift-worthy and enticing in these charming packaging boxes. Pillow packaging boxes have a convenient size.This can change the unboxing experience for your customers, and you will witness a boom in your brand’s sales. 

Get the Best Pillow Packaging Boxes for Your Brand:

OXO Packaging provides the best pillow packaging boxes in the US. You can get free samples and shipping for your business even with a minimum number of orders. 

Moreover, you can get premier packaging boxes at budget-friendly prices.If you want appealing designs, colors, and shapes of pillow packaging boxes for your business, you must hire their services.

Final Words:

Printed pillow boxes can become the secret recipe for the success of your business.These high-standard boxes can give your brand the ultimate strength, and it will stand out in the market.Make sure you rely on providers like OXO Packaging to get perfect packaging for your business needs.

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