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Rick Ross Net Worth (Updated 2024)

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Rick Ross is a music artist, Producer, and famous American Rapper. Ross’ Birth name is WILLIAM LEONARD ROBERTS II. He was born in the early year of 1976 and his exact date of birth is 28 January 1976. Ross was born in a beautiful town in the US named CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI. He was not so attached to his hometown. Later He moved to CAROL City. Then He started living permanently in MIAMI, Florida.

Rick Belongs to a well-off family. He never revealed much about his father. In most of his interviews, he never answered questions about his father. We don’t know why he kept his father’s personal life so secret. But we all know he loved his father so much. His Mother’s name was Tommie Roberts. His Net Worth is 100 Million Dollars currently.

What is Rick Ross net worth?

Net WorthUSD 150 Million
Age 47 years old
Born28 January 1976
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Record Producer
CountryUnited States
Salary (Annual)$16 Million 
Last Updated2023


Early Life

Rick Ross lives in ATLANTA in a pretty big and Luxurious Mansion. He Purchased that Mansion for more than 10 Million at that time but its current Worth is way more now. Rick was not a very studious student he had his interests straight into acting from childhood. He studied in a local school in Florida named ” MIAMI CAROL CITY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL”. Ross never graduated because of a lack of interest in studies and he started his career as a rapper in 1990. 

Initially, Ross started his career Correctional Officer in the 1990s. He served there for 18 months in Law Enforcement. At that time his salary was $25,000. Then 

he debuted as a rapper and his new life started from here.


ROSS started his career as a correctional officer in 1995 and worked there for 18 months. Then he decided to resign in 1997. Then Rick released his debut album ” pseudonym Teflon da Don. In March 2000 he gave himself self new name RICK ROSS. He was inspired by a drug dealer freeway and he gave himself this name because of him. 

The Ross Fast album was “Hustlin” which was released in 2006. these albums give him both fame and wealth. ross also got a TV contract from a famous entertainment industry” Diddy’s Bad Boy”. then after 1 year, he got another very big contract” Jay-z’s Def Jam Records”. it was a million-dollar deal and he earned 68 million dollars through this contract. 

after 2 years he raised a super hit album” Port of miami “. this album was a golden fame chance for records and it secured 200th position on the album chart billboard. 

 in 2008 Ross released his second jackpot album with the title “Trailla” After 1 .5 years this album was trending worldwide and secured his position number 47.

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Rick Ross worked with Suave House Records, and gave his debut album with Telfon De Don. It was A Huge Hit at that time and he earned 7 million dollars in 12 years through this album. Then After 1 year of hard work, he made a debuted solo song with the title “Ain’t Shhh to Discuss”. It was on trending worldwide and a huge hit music track of Rick.

Then He worked on other albums with Def Squad and the title was “Dream Works”. His Stage name was also derived from a drug dealer and that drug dealer was his ideal. His other hit was his solo album which he released after 3 years of hard work. He worked with “Sauve House Records”. 

After another year of Hard Work, he released another album “8Ball and MJG” in 2006. Then Rick released his first solo album with the title “Miami and Trilla Port”. Then in the year 2009, Ross released another rap named “Deeper Than Rap”. Then 2010 to 2013 were the prime years of his career and he released two albums “Super High”, “Ne-Yo”, and Stacy Dash”. 

Personal Life

Ross belonged to a well of family and had 3 children. The eldest one Toie Roberts. He was born in the end of March 2002. Then in September 2005, he gave birth to his second son William Robert III. Then in November 2018, His Third Son was born. He named his son Billion Leonard Roberts. Then after 2 years, he gave birth to Bliss Roberts in 2020. He was dating Lira in 2015. 

Ross was a Chistian by relegion. In a podcast with a TV show named “Talk with COCO Brother” ” he stated that he never questioned the decisions of God no matter how hard life was. he also stated that before performing on stage he always prays and then he performs. He Takes his work like worship. 

Ross was diagnosed with Seizures on October 14, 2011. he had two consecutive seizure attacks and was admitted to Birmingham Hospital, Alabama. Then he released a song with the title “Ima Boss” and stated all these incidents about his illness in the lyrics of his song. 

Then His life took another downfall and on 27 Jan 2013, Ross was celebrating his 37th Birthday with his Girlfriend. And later they came to know that they were targeted to kill by drive-by shooting in Florida. Although both were not so badly injured their car directly smashed into an apartment while they were trying to escape and save their lives from shooters.

Another downfall came in Ross’ Life when he had a heart attack in his Florida apartment. He was found unconscious lying on the floor. His condition was quite serious and he was in ICU for 3 Days and then he was transferred to the recovery room.

 Career Highlights 

  • His debut song was “Ain’t Shhh to discuss” which he recorded with Suave House Records. 
  • Then he released another album with dream works with a famous rapper Erick Sermons. 
  • He also worked with Freeway Records and released some mix tapes, it was the same era when he changed his stage name to “Rick Ross”. 
  • Then he released a duo rap “8ball and MJG” after signing another contract with “Suave House Records” 

Rick Ross’s Net worth

The total Net worth of Rick Ross is $150 Million. He earned about $90 Million through his music albums and his touring. Then for $6m, he bought himself a beautiful mansion in Atlanta in 2014. Rick also has his shares in the real estate market and he earns millions of dollars yearly. He has earned more than $18 million through his all-stage performances. Some of his solo albums were also big hits of his career and he earned more than $50 Million from those albums. 


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