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Nicole Moorman Net Worth

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Nicole Moorman’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $1 Million. She is an American Criminal Defense Lawyer from Chicago, Illinois. Nicole is best known for being one of the hottest celebrity defense attorneys in the country.

She rose to fame after signing an agreement to manage the case of the high-profile rapper Lil Durk in 2019. It was a case for which she helped the rapper to solve all the criminal issues against him. In 2019 the rapper began facing legal troubles and all thanks to Nicole who helped him to win the case.

In October 2022, Lil Durk won his case. He got clearance from the court in Georgia. Since winning the case, Nicole Moorman came up as a celebrity lawyer. She earned a lot of popularity all around the world. Nicole is also a famous social media star and garnered more than 200k followers on Instagram.

What is Nicole Moorman’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
BornApril 17, 1987
ProfessionCriminal Defense Lawyer
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$100 Thousand
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Nicole Moorman was born on April 17th, 1987, in Chicago, Illinois. After being born, she spent the next two decades of her childhood in the greater Chicago area. She began pursuing her dream to become a criminal defense lawyer at an early age. She did her high school graduation from a private school.


Upon her graduation from high school, Nicole received an academic degree from Southern Illinois University. At the University, she spent the following four years obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Also specializing in Criminal Justice and Corrections with a minor in Pre-Law Studies.

During her career at that prestigious institution, Nicole spent her time in many extra-curricular endeavors. She became a member of the Student Body Government, the Criminal Justice Association, and the Pre-Law Association. Nicole completed her graduation from SIU in 2010.

She then ramped up her workload by finally leaving Chicago and moving to Atlanta, Georgia. She enrolled at Troy University. Nicole wound up getting two Master of Science Degrees including one in Criminal Justice and a second in Public Administration in 2012.


In 2010 Nicole started her career as a Probation Officer for the Georgia Department of Corrections. There she earned an experience of four years. She also went on to earn a 3.8 GPA at Troy University. In 2013 she eventually graduated from her program with honors.

Afterward, she stuck around in her role as representative for the unincorporated community of Alcovy, Georgia for another year. She then moved on to bigger and more professional possibilities.

In August 2015 Nicole took the next step in her career by becoming a legal intern at Alfreda L. Williams and Associates, a personal injury attorney in the city.


She’d spent the following five months learning in that role until the opportunity. Finally, she got an internship at the DeKalb District Attorney’s office in Decatur Georgia. She’s not only worked as a Law Clerk but also as an Associate Attorney at Arora & LaScla for four years.

Upon obtaining her Juris Doctorate, Nicole left the deck cab DA’s office behind. She then began concentrating fully on her new role as an Associate Attorney at Arora & LaScla where she specialized in Criminal Defense.

In September 2020, Nicole formed her own firm called MOORMAN Law Firm. Since then she picked up a number of clients perhaps none quite as infamous as Lil Durk. But the Chicago artist isn’t the only name in hip hop that Nicole has been associated with in the past so let’s take a look at that.

Personal Life

Before Nicole made the headlines for supporting Lil Durk to beat his case, she was already popular on the internet. According to rumors, she was romantically linked with a rapper named “Trouble”. Their relationship was never really opened publically. But there were rumors circulating on the internet that these two were married.

But it became clear, Nicole cared deeply for Atlanta-based rapper Trouble, when she posted about his passing a few days after his death. Rapper Trouble had been visiting a friend at the Lake Saint James apartment complex when the tragedy happened and he passed away in June 2022.

Association with Lil Durk

Lil Durk began his associations with Nicole when he hired the Arora & LaScla Law Firm. He hired them to help him fight the charges stemming from a shooting. This tragedy took place outside an Atlanta nightclub “Varsity” in 2019.

At that time popular rappers Lil Durk and his friend King Von were identified as suspects. They were hit with five felony charges. The attack was seen in the footage. So Durk canceled his 2019 tour and turn himself in after his name was released as a potential suspect.

Even though Manny Arora might have been the lead head of Lil Durk’s legal team. But it was Nicole Moorman who managed to come away with the bulk of publicity. All five felony charges have been dropped from Lil Durk due to the lack of evidence.

Nicole Moorman Net Worth

As of 2023, Nicole Moorman’s Net Worth is roughly to be around $1 Million. She is the second most popular lawyer after Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez. In addition, Nicole is one of the wealthiest Defense Lawyers in America. She runs her own firm which means she is making more than the average salary.

Moorman is widely recognized for her legal expertise. According to reports, Nicole Moorman’s salary is more than $100 thousand. In America, the average salary of a Criminal Defense lawyer is around $80 thousand.

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