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Nick Fuentes Net Worth

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Nick Fuentes’ Net Worth is estimated to be $1 Million. He is an American white supremacist political commentator, former YouTuber, and live streamer from Illinois. He calls himself a Christian nationalist and Catholic integralist.

Nick used to share his content on his YouTube channel. In February 2020, his channel was permanently removed due to violating YouTube’s hate speech policy. He denies the Holocaust and has antisemitic views.

Fuentes first came to the limelight after sitting down to attend one of the most controversial dinners. In recent memory, he appeared alongside rapper Ye and former President Donald Trump, alt-right commentator Nicholas J.

What is Nick Fuentes’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
BornAugust 18, 1998
ProfessionPolitical commentator
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$300 Thousand
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes was born on August 18th, 1998 in La Grange Park, Illinois. He attended the Lyons Township High School. In high school, Nick was active in the student body as a member of the speech team as well as the institution’s Model UN.

In May 2016 former Governor Bruce Rauner visited Nick’s school. So he was one of four students to greet the Governor and escorted the politician inside the building. Upon his graduation from high school in 2016, Nick went on to enroll at Boston University.

He began studying introductory international relations and politics at the University and then dropped out the following year. Nick left the University after his freshman year due to the threats he was receiving after being part of the white nationalist Unite the Right protest in 2017’s Charlottesville, Virginia.

Initially, he announced that he would be enrolling at Auburn University in the fall of 2017. He said that Auburn “had more suitable weather and friendlier people, however, he didn’t pursue his education.


Around his time at Lyons Township, Nick decided to launch his career as a television pundit. He created his series that aired five or six times during his time there.

During a speech, he gave that year to an anti-immigration group. Fuentes admitted to having become convinced that immigrants were taking jobs from Americans and dooming the Republican Party to irrelevance. Nick himself has claimed to be descended from Mexican immigrants.

Following his graduation, he was invited to appear as a guest on a student show. Bill Allen (supervisor of television services for the school) admitted to seeing a stark change in the young man’s demeanor, after only a year of being away.

Personal Life

Nick Fuentes was highlighted in a video of how Boston University Students plan to vote around the 2016 election. That’s where he was recorded wearing a red Mega hat while proclaiming his support for the election of Donald Trump.

Boston University later deleted that video but Nick was not looking back. He began his streaming career as an undergraduate at Boston University. Before long, he launched his television series called “America First on the Trump Positive Right Side Broadcasting” media network.

In 2017, Fuentes attended the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, which he referred to on Facebook as “A TIDAL WAVE OF WHITE IDENTITY”. This tidal wave came with the cost of his television show. The Ride Side Broadcasting network canceled his show “America First” after discovering that Nick had attended the rally. As a result, he dropped out of college.

Political Career

Fuentes took the social media outlets to further spread his own version of the Right-Wing Gospel. Most of the time he likes to pull from the Playbook of what’s known in White Supremacy Circles as the great replacement theory.

This idea focuses on the belief that white Europeans are being replaced in their own countries by people of color, immigrants from Africa, and the Middle East. Despite this, Nick often rejected the label of being a white nationalist.

According to him, that kind of terminology is used by the left to defame their opponents. He admitted to wanting to turn America into a country with Catholic media, Catholic Hollywood, and Catholic-occupied government.

Banned from Twitch

Until January 2018, he co-hosted the Nationalist Review podcast with white nationalist James Allsup. The two had a public spat about nothing major. Eventually, in January 2020, YouTube demonetized Fuentes’ channel and deleted one of his videos for breaking their policy.

First Twitch banned his content for hate speech then Reddit did the same thing a few months later. Eventually, Fuentes lost his access to Facebook, Instagram, Apples Podcast, TikTok, and Spotify as well. On top of all that, the consumer’s services like Paypal, Venmo, Patreon, Airbnb, and Amazon Web Services, banned his access.

Perhaps more significantly in 2020, Fuentes was kicked off of YouTube for constantly breaking the service guidelines. His channel was suspended because of the content that encourages another group of people.

That very same year Nick founded the “America First Political Action Conference”. That intended to antagonize another conservative group for not being sufficiently far right enough. The first conference hosted by this group featured Ultra great conservative commentator Michelle Malkin as well as white nationalist Patrick Casey.

Over the following two years, that conference guest list continued to expand. During his 2022 event, Fuentes invited Mega supporter representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to speak to his gathered audience.

Meeting with Donald Trump

Two days before American Thanksgiving Donald Trump was planning on having a private dinner with his old friend Kanye West. The two had arranged to meet at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida after weeks of private conversations on the phone.

During that time Kanye became a cultural outcast for his recent anti-Semitic remarks and a couple of other troubling personal appearances. What it turns out well Donald may have been walking into something of a trap.

Because instead of arriving alone while Kanye showed up with three uninvited guests one of whom was Nick Fuentes. Following this dinner, both sides of the political divide erupted in anger over Trump’s willingness to associate himself with such a disparaging figure.

But Donald Trump later claimed that he knew nothing about Fuentes or his background. On the other hand, Kanye said that Trump was “really impressed with Nick Fuentes”. Kanye also criticized Trump for not doing more to help pay the legal bills of those who were arrested during the January 6 Capital Riots.

Nick Fuentes Net Worth

As of 2023, Nick Fuentes’ Net Worth is approximately to be $1 Million. He managed to earn a lot of wealth in his teenage years by appearing in different television shows. His annual income is roughly $300 thousand.

After his rejection from several social media, Nick Fuentes started controlling the annual America First Political Action Conference. In 2021 he also attended and was the speaker at the US Capitol attack.

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