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Merkules Net Worth

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Merkules is a Canadian rapper who has a net worth of $1 Million. He came to the limelight after the release of his 2013 single, “L.A.S.H.” He then made a name for himself with YouTube remixes for tracks like, “Sucker For Pain,” “Panda” and “Shape Of You.”

After earning success in the music industry, Merkules began collaborating with other artists. That includes Dax, Method Man, DMX, Paul Wall, Mobb Deep, Juelz Santana, Maino, Jeremih, and many more. His heartfelt lyrics and impulsive flows have made him one of the most popular rappers online today.

What is Merkules’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
BornSeptember 27, 1992
Salary (Annual)$200,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Cole Stevenson was born on September 27th, 1992, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver called, Surrey. He never ended up graduating high school.

His mother Brenda worked for a company, Serena Fashions aka BELLISSIMA. His father Mark used to work for one of the biggest newspapers, The Province. Currently, his dad is retired and his mom is a full-time accountant who also manages Merkules.

He fell in love with hip hop from a young age and was studying in the 2nd grade. Growing up he was influenced by rappers like 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake. But the first tape he ever owned was the XZIBIT’s “Restless.” So he began rapping and covered the entire verses over his favorite songs.


When Merkules was 16 years old he went to a concert for Canadian rapper Snak the Ripper, who was one of his favorite artists at the time. He got a chance to meet the rapper during the concert.

Eventually, the two began collaborating on music. At the age of 15 Merkules started taking music more seriously, hitting the studio for the first time with rapper Snak.

He began rapping under the name of Merk Mikz. In 2012 and 2013 he released a few projects including, “Canadian Bacon,” “Bacon Bits,” and “Hunger Pains” which garnered him some buzz.


A breakthrough moment in Merkules’ career came when he started posting remixes of popular songs on YouTube and his verses began to receive attention from millions.

In 2016 his album “Scars” came out and he followed this up with another album, “Trust Your Gut” released a year later. In 2018 he dropped the album, “Cole” which is his real name.

Following this, his online stardom started to grow and attention began to filter toward his original work like his album, “Scars.” In May 2019 Merkules got an opportunity to go on a tour with popular rapper Gucci Mane.

In October of that year, he released his album, “Special Occasion” which contains the hit single, “Bass.” That track went viral and was featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game in 2020.

That same year he teamed up with a label, “Merkules Music and BMG” to release the album, “Apply Pressure.” Later he signed a deal with Death Row Records and release the single, “I’m Here” in 2022.

Personal Life

Merkules has been in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, “Carissa.” The couple met through Facebook when Merk posted a status asking, “if anyone had a link to watch the new Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.”

Carissa commented with a working link. He checked out her profile and eventually the two would talk over text and Skype every day for 6 months. When Merkules booked his first headlining tour, he made sure to schedule a stop in her city.

Career Highlights

  • Scars, (Album, 2016)
  • Trust Your Gut, (Album, 2017)
  • Shape Of You, (Song, 2017)
  • Special Occasion, (Album, 2019)
  • Bass, (Song, 2019)
  • Tour with Gucci Mane, (2019)
  • All Night Long, (Song, 2019)
  • DEMONS, (Song, 2020)
  • I’m Here, (Song, 2022)

Merkules Net Worth

Merkules is a rapper and music artist from Surrey, British Columbia. He is best recognized for his unique style of music which is “hangover rap.” He started his music career at the age of 15, collaborating with fellow rapper, Snak the Ripper.

Merkules made a name for himself in music by releasing several albums and tracks. His popularity grew after the release of his 2017 album, “Trust Your Gut.” The rapper mainly earns from music, such as tracks, albums, and his YouTube channel. As of 2023, Merkules’ net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

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