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Laine Hardy Net Worth

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Laine Hardy was born in Louisiana. He is also the winner of the 16th season of American Idol’s Show. To know more interesting information about him stay with us till the end. And if you like this article share it with other friends and people who have an interest in him and also with his fans. 

Introduction of Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy was declared as the winner in the finale episode of American Idol season number sixteen. The runner-ups to whom he defeated were Alejandro Aranda and Madison Vandenburg. These two were able to secure third and second positions respectively. Laine Hardy was very good at singing and he applied for this show a year ago in 2018. But he was dropped off the show from Top 50. Then he again came into the next season with his friend Ashton Gill. In this season the Judges were Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. 

Laine Hardy and American Idol Season 16

These judges asked him to perform with his friend and he got selected this time. He was able to reach the Champion’s round till the finale. And with continuous hard work, he became the winner of this season. This story gives us a very beautiful lesson that we should never give up. Failures are a part of success. He became a successful solo singer and released many songs like “Ground I Grew Up On “, Other LA”, “Tiny Town”, “Let there be a Country” and “Ground I Grew Up On”. After getting fame he also released many more follow up songs including “Authentic” and “Memorise You”. Then in September 2021 he released his solo album with the title”Here’s To Anyone”. 

Laine Hardy went on the great idol Reunion where he sang songs with other winners of this show which was being held on May 1. He also sang many songs with a contestant on this show named Laci Kye Booth, on this show. before he got into controversies, this program had already aired. 

Early Life of Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy came to this planet on September 12, 2000. he was born in Baton Rouge, situated in Louisiana. But he used to live in Livingston for many years in his childhood. His dad was Barry who was a general contractor by profession. Laine Hardy’s mother is Cindy Luo, who is a real estate agent and works in selling and buying properties. He has two siblings one sister and one brother. Sister is older than him and her name is Brittany Banta and his brother is younger than him named Kyle Banta. 

Laine Hardy’s Grandmother i.e. the mother of his mother belongs to South Korea and she was born in the soul. He used to go to a school called French Settlement High and he got his diploma from this school. He was very fond of musical instruments from his childhood. Laine Hardy started learning guitar when he was just eight years old. Till the age of 14, his brother and cousins formed a band called Band Hardy. They used to perform at different cafes and restaurants. His all siblings were very supportive of him in his singing career.

Professional Life and Career of Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy released his first play with the title “In the Bayou” in 2018. Then he released another play of him called “Blue Christmas” after a year. In 2019 he became the winner of the show The American Idol. Then on 19 May, he released his solo song named “The Flame”. His first solo tour was from November 14 to December 7. He announced this solo trip on 20th September. This tour was based on visiting 13 different cities covering the whole United States. On the same date i.e. April 2020 he released his song to the public with the title “Ground I grew up on”.

Net Worth:$1 million
Source of Wealth:Singer
Date of Birth:September 12th, 2000
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2023

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He also performed the famous song “Life is a Highway” during his journey on American Idol. He was Covid positive in 2019 and he fully recovered from Covid till 2020. In the same year, he released another solo song called “Tiny Town” in July of this year. In September id 2020 he released a Hollyday featured tune called “Please Come Home for Christmas”. Then he made available his song “Tiny Town” on the radio and “Other LA” was available for live streaming. 

Laine Hardy’s Family and Personal Life

Laine Hardy was born in Bolton Rouge on September 12, 2000. He spent most of his childhood in Livingston. He was the youngest child born to his parents. His mother Cindy Luo was a real estate agent and his father Barry Hardy was a general contractor. He started playing guitar when he was just eight years old. Then when he turned 14 he was a part of a band called “Hardy’s Band”.

This band consisted of his younger brother and his cousins and also Laine Hardy was the main member of this band. They used to perform in cafes and restaurants. After he was done with high school studies he decided to become a singer in future. then he was selected in season sixteen of American Idol and he was able to successfully reach the quarter finals. Then he was dropped off the show. Laine Hardy went to this show again on next year and he became the winner of American Idol season seventeen. He was performing guitar to support his friend and judges liked his style of guitar playing. 

Laine Hardy never shared his personal and private life affairs on social media. he does not like the way people discuss celebrities’ private lives. But when he was in a relationship with Sydney Tylor he shared a post on his Instagram with her. And after some time this couple decided to break up and part ways. Fans were so sad when they heard the news of his breakup.

Laine Hardy and his affair with Sydney Tylor

Sydney Tylor was a former Miss luisina teen USA and she and Hardy dated in 2020. In one of his Instagram posts hardy showed gratitude to Sydney and wrote she is a motivational woman. They dated for some time about a year and broke up on May 28, 2021. Then after some time, there were rumors of Laine Hardy’s relationship with Gracia Lee. 

Laine Hardy and His Arrest

Louisiana state public police arrested Laine Hardy on April 29, 2022. he was sent to the East Baton Rouge prison of Louisiana. He was arrested because of spying on his girlfriend through an electronic device by placing it in the classroom of his girlfriend. In his defense, he said that that electronic device belonged to Futon. His Ex-girlfriend got suspicious of him when revealed to her all the sensitive information she had never told him about. Although Hardy confessed to spying on his girlfriend he said that he lost that electronic device somewhere in the pond. later after he was retained it was exposed that Hardy was working with the detectives.

Net Worth of Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy’s Net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million. His main source of income is his songs and his live stage performances. He has a very luxurious lifestyle a handsome income. He also owns expensive cars. his net worth is way more than another winner of American Idol combined. 

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