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King Lil G Net Worth

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King Lil G is an American rapper with a net worth of $2 Million. He is best recognized for his 2014 hit single, “Hopeless Boy.” Lil G gained further recognition for releasing his albums including, “King Enemy,” “Ak47 Boyz,” “90’s Kid,” and “Paint The City Blue.”

The rapper is also known for promoting positivity through his “Sucio Movement.” He launched this to empower the young generation who came from a bad environment. He has managed to make a name for himself in the music industry by reaching the Billboard charts.

Lil G began his music career at an early age and his music grabbed the attention of record labels. However, he decided to release his albums independently. Over the year he has released numerous music videos and earned over 1 million subs on YouTube.

What is King Lil G’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$2 Million
BornJuly 24, 1987
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$400,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Alex Gonzalez was born on July 30th, 1986, in South Los Angeles, California. He also spent several years living in Compton. Alex grew up listening to music coming out of the West Coast hip-hop scene at the time.

Some of his early musical influences were Tupac Sukar, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E. The 90s Compton music also became a major influence on his own sound. He is a direct descendant of the Mexican revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata.

Alex’s father left the family in 1999 and from there on out he was raised by a single mother. He also has two older brothers. Alex dropped out of high school and began struggling on the streets. Soon he determined to escape street life.


Alex began his career working odd jobs including serving at an urban clothing store. Around that time he was also working on his music under the new rap moniker, “King Lil G.”

The rapper first released, “LA County’s Most Wa#ted” in 2004 and followed this up with “Underground Chapter 1” in 2006. That year he also released a music video on YouTube called, “Sending This Message.” This song was eventually included in the “Blue Devil 2” mixtape which came out in 2011.

First, he released the original “Blue Devil” mixtape in 2008 followed by “Hood Money” in 2009. In September 2011, Lil G uploaded a music video on his YouTube channel titled, “Letter To Dr. Dre.” He refers to this single as the one that launched his music career.

Around this time his music was crystallizing around a positive message that he promotes in his “Sucio Movement.” It’s part of his positivity where Lil G does a bunch of charitable work for the community like he visits cancer patients and does giveaways.

He’s also remained an independent artist despite plenty of offers from major labels. So that he can continue to control the message that he puts out in his music.


King Lil G earned such massive success following the release of his album, “King Enemy.” That album contains hit singles like, “Out To Get Me,” “Crush on You,” and “Narcos Corridos.” All of these songs received millions of views on YouTube.

Next, he released the project, “Lost In Smoke” featuring hit tracks like “Welcome To LA.” That album hit #40 on Billboard’s top R&B and Hip Hop albums chart. Lil G followed this up with “Ak47 Boyz” IN 2014. That same year his hit single, “Hopeless Boy” came out and went viral.

2015 saw the release of “90’s Kid” becoming one of his highest charting projects yet. It hit #16 on Billboard’s R&B Hip Hop and included the track “Grow Up” which was another massive hit on YouTube.

In 2017 King Lil G released “Blessed By God” with songs like L.A. Vibe, Kennedy, and Time Capsule. In the following year, he dropped a music video on YouTube called, “Freestyle.”

Personal Life

Around the early 2000s, King Lil G fathered his son Daniel and Lil is a pretty dedicated dad. His son often appears in Lil G’s YouTube videos. In December 2015 the rapper discovered that he had another son Max whom he never even knew about. In December 2017 Lil G posted a picture with his girlfriend Kimberly Michelle.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best songs and albums of King Lil G:

  • Hopeless Boy
  • Grow Up
  • L.A. Vibe
  • King Enemy, (Album, 2012)
  • 90’s Kid, (Album, 2015)

King Lil G Net Worth

KING Lil G is a rapper from South Los Angeles, California. He started his music career in the early 2000s and released numerous hit singles and albums. Soon, he established himself as one of the most promising rappers in the industry.

King mainly earns from his YouTube channel as well as from releasing music on Spotify and other platforms. He has teamed with some of the big artists in the music industry. As of 2023, King Lil G’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

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