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Kennedy Summers Net Worth

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Kennedy Summers is an American model from Germany who has a net worth of $2 Million. She is best known for being crowned the 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Kennedy began her career at the age of 14 and soon established herself as one of the lead models in the world of fashion. Later, she tried her hand at acting, appearing in a bunch of films.

Despite working in the entertainment industry, Kennedy made headlines after teaming up with Cherie DeVille and Coolio running as the Secretary of Health in the 2020 election.

What is Kennedy Summers’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$2 Million
BornMarch 3, 1987
Salary (Annual)$300,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Kennedy Summers was born on March 3rd, 1987, in Berlin, Germany on an Army base. Both her mother and father worked in the Army with her entire family having done intel including her younger brother.

Her family traveled a lot spending time in Virginia and Texas before returning to Germany. When things eventually settled down for Kennedy, she spent most of her formative years growing up in Hampton, Virginia.

Kennedy’s father passed away when she was young. She grew up in Army Brat and was sheltered from pop culture. Kennedy wasn’t allowed to listen to anything but classical music. She was only allowed to watch PBS and the Disney Channel.


She attended a Private School where she spent her free time playing field hockey which she did all the way up into college. At 14 years old, her mother enrolled her in high school. She skipped a year of high school and then enrolled in college, finishing her Major in just three semesters.

Kennedy enrolled in medical school for studying in Curaçao for a year and a half and then she made the move to Chicago for another year and a half. She wanted to become a Plastic surgeon.

Summers earned a degree in anthropology from Mary Baldwin College. She also obtained a Master of Healthcare Administration degree as well as a medical degree which she completed in 2020.


After college, Kennedy moved to Italy where she found a modeling agency that covered her flight and her accommodations. She didn’t stay in Italy as she started traveling all over the world, touching down in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

When Kennedy was 24 years old she realized that this might not be a career she could do forever. Then her agent recommended that she get a job so she could work as a swimsuit model.

Kennedy decided to give it a go but then the unthinkable happened. Her new assets made her uncomfortable in her body. She didn’t like being in a bikini and she didn’t like people seeing her. As a result, she went back to her studies.

(Photo by Kennedy Summers' Instagram)
(Photo by Kennedy Summers’ Instagram)


The turning point of her career came when Kennedy got a call from her agent asking her if she would ever consider posing for Playboy. A few years away from modeling, Kennedy was now comfortable in her body and decided to accept the offer.

Kennedy quickly flew out to the Playboy Mansion and was crowned Miss December of 2013. Additionally, Kennedy was named Playmate of the Year for 2014. After receiving her new title, she was awarded a cool $100,000 and given a one-year lease on a Mini Convertible.

Other Ventures

Following her breakthrough, Kennedy moved to Los Angeles and was being featured on TMZ. She also expanded her outreach on social media, amassing over 2 million followers on Instagram alone. She often books gigs as a model.

Besides all this, Kennedy gained recognition for her 2020 Election Press Conference. She decided to do what she could to help improve America. She worked together with Cherie DeVille and dedicated several hours to this campaign.

In 2016, she made her first TV show appearance in the role of Diamond in one episode of the series Back Stabber. The following year, she had a cameo role as Beautiful Woman in the American comedy film The Last Movie Star. In 2018 she played a supporting role as Goldie in the horror comedy movie,  Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.

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Personal Life

In the early 2010s, Kennedy Summers married a Canadian guy whose name is not known. However, her relationship came to an end in 2014.

Career Highlights

  • 2014 Playmate of the Year
  • Being Crowned Miss December of 2013

Kennedy Summers Net Worth

Kennedy is one of the renowned celebrities in the entertainment industry who began her career at the age of 14. She is from Germany and made a name for herself in the American modeling industry.

Kennedy did modeling work for a couple of brands but then retired from the career after Playboy in 2014. At one point in her life, she was approached by Equities.com who gave her a job as a day trader.

Summers accumulated a good sum of money from her successful career. Currently, she earns from appearing in films and some business ventures. As of 2023, Kennedy Summers’ net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

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