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Keith Lee Net Worth – Salary, Endorsement, Career & More

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Net Worth$1 Million
ProfessionTikTok Star,

Former MMA Fighter

Annual Salary $400 Thousand
Country of OriginUSA
Last Updated2024

Keith Lee is a TikTok star and a former MMA fighter who has a net worth of $1 Million. He is one of the rising social media stars on the internet and grabs the attention of millions of people.

The former MMA fighter rose to fame when he shared a review of the 303 cheesecake sandwiches on TikTok. Keith is best recognized for sharing his food review and athletic content on social media.

He began his career as an MMA fighter and at the age of 26 Keith created his TikTok account. He continued to share his content on that platform and has managed to earn more than 7 million followers.

Net Worth Over the Past 5 Years

YearsNet worth
2024$1 Million
2023$0.5 Million
2022$90 Thousands
2021$50 Thousand
2020$30 Thousand

What is Keith Lee’s Salary?

Keith Lee has total net worth of $1 Million. His Annual Income $400 Thousand. His monthly income is $140 Thousand and his salary is $120 Thousand.

Keith Lee Endorsement Deal

Keith Lee has brand endorsements with Door Dash, Pizza hut and other famous brands like chime.

Early Life

Keith “Killa” Lee was born on October 4th, 1996 in Detroit, Michigan. He is the younger brother of famous UFC competitor Kevin Lee. Keith followed the footstep of his brother and his ambitions always gravitated towards stepping into the octagon to prove himself just like his older brother.

Upon his graduation from South Field High School, he headed West to Las Vegas. Keith picked himself up his first job as a sandwich artist at a local Jimmy John’s for the summer. He briefly attended college to study sports science. But he was not able to pay his tuition so he dropped out of college.

Following this, he found his passion for combat spots naturally. Not only is his brother a trained professional, but Keith’s father was a street fighter. He taught both sons the art of self-defense from an early age.

After spending so much time dedicating himself to fighting, suddenly Keith was faced with the prospect of re-inventing himself at the age of 26. Keith turned his interests from fighting to becoming a social media personality. Since then he became one of TikTok’s most influential food critics with a growing fanbase.


In January 2015 Keith Lee started his fighting career. He skipped over to jiu-jitsu and beginner kickboxing classes. He quickly went straight into sparring with UFC Level athletes.

For the following two years, he participated in several Amature Boats for a promotion known as “Tough Enough.” He also earned himself a Stellar 4-0 record. Following that he made his professional match debut in January 2017. Keith may have lost that first belt, he won his next 5 out of 7 fights.

In 2020 he moved to Bellator where he stepped inside of the Octagon 4 times, splitting his win records with two Appice. However, it wasn’t a good record to keep him in their ranks, and at the end of 2021, he was kicked out of the Bellator.

Keith Lee as seen in a post (Keith Lee/ Instagram)
Keith Lee as seen in a post (Keith Lee/ Instagram)


At the age of 26, Keith decided to become a TikTok star. He originally launched his TikTok account with the intent of improving his interview skills, for post-match MMA media scrums. According to him, he suffered from social anxiety for most of his life.

When Keith first started producing TikTok videos he focussed not on food or MMA, but on his family instead. After sharing a series of early videos, his content gradually began to shift into cooking videos.

Further Success

The turning point of his career came when Keith was contacted by the Folks over at, “People VS Food,” a popular YouTube channel. They wanted Keith to show up in their series. He recognized that by appearing on a platform as big as that, he had a chance to increase his own fan base in the process.

Before appearing on “People VS Food,” Keith began producing food reviews which helped him to gain a lot of followers. From November 2022 he’s gone from just under 2 million followers on TikTok to almost 7 million.

These reviews involved him sitting in front of the camera, explaining where he got the food from, along with how much he spent. Soon enough he discovered that he had massive followers on social media.

Other Ventures

Keith visited the “303 In the Cut” food truck in Las Vegas and tried their cheesecake sandwich. He uploaded a video about this sandwich and within 24 hours that video had collected 6 million views.

The owner of the food truck contacted Keith to let him know that their line was stretching across two parking lines. Now Keith’s original video of eating sandwiches has over 30 million views.

The “303 In the Cut” continues to report impressive sales since Keith’s reviews went online. From that point forward his content has helped several businesses to generate over $50,000 in products in less than 12 hours.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best highlights of Keith Lee’s career:

  • “303 In the Cut” food truck, (Sandwich Review)
  • Keith Lee has a net worth of $1 Million, and he is just at the begging of his career

Keith Lee Net Worth

Keith Lee is one of the most popular TikTok stars from Detroit, Michigan. He rose to fame after the upload of his video 303 In the Cut’s video review. Following that he earned millions of followers from all across the world.

These food reviews finally provided a solid living environment for him and his family. He recently entered into a partnership with a restaurant company, “Chipotle Mexican Grill” after one of his reviews gained traction with his audience.

Currently, Keith Lee is more popular, financially stable, successful, and influential than he ever was during his MMA career. His newfound success has inspired him to give up on his ambitions for MMA. As of 2023, Keith Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Keith Lee Facts Table

Date of Birth  October 4, 1996
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Age27 Years
PartnerMia Yim (Wife)
Kids2 Children Karter and Riley
SiblingsThree Siblings
Height6 feet 2 inches
AwardsNXT Championship Winner

NXT North American Championship Wineer

Winner of NXT wear-end Award for Breakout Starof the year 2019

Monthly Income$140 Thousand
Annual Income$400 Thousand Annuly
Salary$120 Thousand

Quick Summary

  • Keith Lee’s net worth is $1 Million. 
  • Keith Lee’s amount of monthly income is $140 Thousand.
  • Keith Lee’s annual income is $400 Thousand.
  • Keith Lee’s Salary is $120K.


What is the approximate net worth of Keith Lee?

Keith Lee’s estimated total net worth is $1 Million.

How old is Keith Lee?

Keith Lee is 27 years old.

What is Keith Lee’s height?

Keith Lee’s height is 6 feet 2 inches.

What is the name of Keith Lee’s spouse?

Keith Lee is married to Mia Yim.

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