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Jose Zuniga Net Worth

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Jose Zuniga is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and fashion influencer who has a net worth of $25 Million. He is best recognized for his YouTube channel titled “Teachingmensfashion.” He began his TMF channel in September 2012.

Over the year Zuniga posted numerous videos on his channel and became a household in the business world. He is the CEO of multiple companies including ESNTLS, Jade Black, He Grooming, and Santa Lucia, among others.

This man made a name for himself in the fashion world through his hard work and dedication. Currently, Jose is one of the richest and most recognized YouTubers in the United States. 

What is Jose Zuniga’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$25 Million
BornDecember 13th, 1994
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$10 MIllion
Last Updared2023

Early Life

Jose Zuniga was born on December 13th, 1994, in Port St. Lucie, Florida. His parents were immigrants from Honduras, which is one of the poorest places in Country in Central America. Jose grew up with his older brother Juan Zuniga and younger sister Maria Zuniga.

His brother Juan is also a YouTuber, together they run a channel called The Zunigas. Upon his high school graduation, Jose went to the University where he earned a Finance degree. Before becoming a YouTuber, Jose had a car wash business, a grass-cutting business, and a whole bunch more.


Jose teamed up with his brother Juan and sister Maria, and they started their career in 2012. He was 16 years old when he created his brother Juan created Jose’s Instagram account titled “Teachingmensfashion.”

Jose began posting his pictures on that platform and soon he saw the traction building up. He was getting more and more followers because at that time there was a lot of interest in men trying to dress better. Following his success on Instagram, Jose started his YouTube channel with the same title.

At the age of 18, he opened his first e-commerce store which at that time was custom suits and shirts. In the following year, Jose was about $15,000 in debt. With his e-commerce store, he was losing more money than he was actually making.


In 2016 he started focusing on his YouTube channel and around that time he had 30k subscribers. From 2016 to 2017 Jose took his channel from 30k to 150k subs and earned about $350 thousand in revenue from there.

Jose began uploading videos every single day which definitely paid him off. From that point forward his success started blossoming. His videos about men’s hairstyles, clothing, and grooming tips started getting thousands of views.

Jose has established himself as one of the top brand promoters in the country and now almost all of his videos have a sponsorship. Along with this, he created a blog titled “Teaching Men’s Fashion.” Jose Zuniga launched his first business, a clothing brand, “ESNTLS.”

He began promoting this brand in his videos. He took a great response from there and then started creating more Companies. Jose has a 7 figure companies including, He Grooming,  Santa Lucia (Fragrance), and Jade Black, which is an eye work company.

Other Ventures

Additionally, Jose is the part owner of a company “manscape” which has a whopping $1 Billion valuation. After moving to New York Jose started his new Tech company called “Away” in 2022.

The company Away is about the same day delivery and same day returns for anything retail. The idea behind creating this company is to emerge offline and online.

Personal Life

On March 4th, 2019, Jose Zuniga married Karla Zuniga who is pursuing her career as a doctor. The couple married when Jose was 24 years old and Karla was about 23. Zuniga is also a father of a daughter named Brielle Zuniga.

Real Estate

Jose Zuniga has a net worth of $25 million and he is fond of living a luxury lifestyle. He started his business in Florida where he bought his first lavish house.

Then in 2021, he moved to New York with his family for better business opportunities. In New York, Jose and his older brother Juan build their dream office which spans on massive 30,000 square feet.

Career Highlights

  • Teachingmensfashion, (YouTube channel, 6 Million subs)
  • ESNTLS, (Clothing Line)
  • He Grooming, (Grooming Company)
  • Santa Lucia, (Fragrance Line)
  • Away, (Tech Company)

Jose Zuniga Net Worth

Jose Zuniga is a popular American YouTuber, fashion influencer, and entrepreneur from Port St. Lucie, Florida. He began his career in 2012 with his YouTube channel and over the years he earned a lot of fame and wealth.

Jose’s popularity grew in 2016 when he began taking his YouTube more seriously. He earns from his companies, YouTube channel, and brand endorsements. As of 2023, Jose Zuniga’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 Million.

He is fond of luxury cars and owns Mercedes-Benz AMG G63. Before moving to New York, Jose had numerous supercars but later he sold all these cars.

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