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Jeff Cavaliere Net Worth

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Jeff Cavaliere’s Net Worth is estimated to be $8 million. He is an American fitness coach, personal trainer, physical therapist, and celebrity trainer from Connecticut. He is best known for being one of the first men to join the fitness world.

Jeff’s fitness career started back in the late 90s when he was still in high school. He was passionate about becoming an athlete so he participated in several sports during in school days.

His first step into the fitness industry was back in 2006 when Jeff began working for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB) as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. From 2006 to 2009 he worked with them and earned a lot of popularity for improving the health of numerous baseball players.

What is Jeff Cavaliere’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$8 Million
BornJune 28, 1975
ProfessionYouTuber, Physiotherapist
CountryUnited States Of America
Salary (Annual)$2 Million
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Jeff Cavaliere was born on 28 June 1975 in Connecticut, in a Christian household. He is quite private about his personal life so he hasn’t disclosed any deep information about his childhood or parents.

Jeff was an extraordinary student in school and completed his high school graduation in 1993. Following that, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physio-neurobiology in 1997. Then he enrolled at the University of Connecticut where he got his master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2000.

Jeff developed an interest in fitness during his school days. Around that time he started weightlifting which enhanced his passion for physical health. Jeff also became part of the baseball and soccer teams in high school. He says that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of his biggest inspirations.


In 2001 Jeff began his fitness career becoming a personal trainer shortly after graduation from University. His popularity increased when he trained a professional baseball player named Mark Johnson.

He gained further recognition after he trained more sports players which led him to sign big deals. In 2004 he got an opportunity to work as a contributing writer for the United State’s one of the most popular bodybuilding magazines called “Men’s Fitness”.

In this magazine, he showed a mix of science and practical experience which was incredibly loved by readers. Moreover, it also opened several doors for Jeff to further expand his fitness career.


The turning point of Jeff’s career came when the popular New York Mets were in search of an outstanding physical therapist and strength coach before the regular season started in 2006. All thanks to Mark Johnson (who was still in touch with the team) suggested that Jeff Cavaliere would be the perfect trainer and the choice for the team.

Jeff eventually signed them and began working as an assistant strength trainer for them. His hard work paid off when the team won the 2006 National League East Championship. During that time Jeff also became the best friend of MET’s leader David Wright.

From that point forward, the team continued to improve their skills greatly and achieved so much with Jeff’s creative workouts. In 2009, Jeff decided to leave his job to create his own business in the fitness industry.

Other Ventures

At the tale end of 2006, Jeff created his YouTube channel titled “ATHLEAN-X”. However, he originally started uploading training videos on his YouTube channel after leaving the New York Mets in 2009.

Over the years Jeff has managed to amass massive popularity on different social media outlets. As of 2023, he has more than 13 million subscribers and most of his videos even crossed 20 million views.

Apart from his channel, Jeff also launched his training program with the same name ATHLEAN-X. He wanted to become an entrepreneur so he created this personal program which includes compound workouts and tons of aerobic activity.

With the help of his program and his YouTube channel ATHLEAN-X, Jeff is now one of the top celebrity trainers in the world. He created workout plans for high-profile names such as David Beckham, Terrel Owens, and Rafael Nadal, among others.

The main reason behind the success of his YouTube channel ATHLEAN-X was he shared free workout tips and never hesitated to share his knowledge for free. Apart from just sharing training plans, he also shares nutrition advice on his channel.

Jeff Cavaliere as seen with his family in a post (Jeff Cavaliere/Instagram)
Jeff Cavaliere as seen with his family in a post (Jeff Cavaliere/Instagram)

Personal Life

Jeff Cavaliere got married to a woman in 2008. He tries to keep his personal life away from social media, so he doesn’t share the name of his wife.

But we do know that Jeff has twin children. The couple welcomed their twin sons Jaxon and Xavier in 2016. Jeff was anxious about the health of his kids because they were born 13 weeks early. Luckily both of his kids were healthy.

Jeff Cavaliere Net Worth

As of 2023, Jeff Cavaliere’s Net Worth is roughly to be $8 Million. He is one of the wealthiest fitness trainers in the United States. The man made a name for himself in the fitness world by sharing a piece of unique content through his social media outlets.

Jeff first began making money as an assistant trainer for the New York Mets from where he garnered a good amount. But the real success he earned after starting his own “ATHLEAN-X”, wound up making him a millionaire. His current dream is to make one of the biggest fitness empires in the globe.

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