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Ilan Tobianah Net Worth

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IIlan Tobianah is a social media star with millions of fans across his platforms. He became widely known for bearing a striking resemblance to the Greek God of the sky and thunder, Zeus. Additionally, He grabs the spotlight for his stylish demeanor and lavish way of life. Ilan Tobianah’s net worth is around $50 Million USD. 

Furthermore, Zeus is a famous model and photographer who works with top models like Lilia Gude, Mariana Martins, Margaux Heller, and Sandra Buczny. He takes stunning photos in fancy places like fancy hotels and palaces. Check out his amazing pictures on Instagram to see the glamorous world of fashion photography.

What is Ilan Tobianah’s net worth?

Net Worth$50 Million USD
Age51 years old 
Born22 November 1971
ProfessionBusinessman, Social Media Influencer, Mode;
Country France
Salary (Annual)$3 Million
Last Updated 2023

Early Life

Ilan Tobianah was born in Paris, France on November 22, 1971. There is no information available about his parents and siblings. Currently, his age is 51 years old. He is a Businessman, Social Media Influencer, and Model by profession. Ilan comes from an Italian-French-Moroccan background. 

“Before becoming famous on the internet, Ilan had a job as a lawyer, focusing on real estate, and he still does. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s been working as a real estate lawyer and partner at the law firm Moet et Associe in Paris, Île-de-France, France since June 1999.”

He’s heavily involved in handling the paperwork for buying and selling houses. Alongside managing multiple professions, he’s just as devoted to helping his community thrive. He’s also passionate about giving back through charitable work.

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In the early 2000s, Ilan Tobianah started his journey in the entertainment world, excelling in both movies and television. He even tried his hand at directing and producing. One of his standout moments was in the acclaimed film ‘The Last House on the Left’, earning him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.

On social media, he goes by Ilam Tobianah Zeus, where he gained fame for flaunting his lavish lifestyle and unique personality. His breakthrough moment was a viral video of him driving a Lamborghini barefoot.

Zeus is also known as a model, frequently collaborating with other models like Lilia Gude, Mariana Martins, Margaux Heller, and Sandra Buczny. His photoshoots often take place in luxurious settings like hotels and palaces.

In addition to his modeling career, Tobianah is a DJ. He posted a video on his Instagram featuring music from Jay Z and Kanye West.


Ilan Tobianah Zeus experienced a significant career breakthrough when he emerged as a renowned figure in the realms of law, modeling, and social media influence, and amassed considerable wealth. Notably, he gained the moniker “Zeus Mythical Figure,” owing to his striking resemblance to the Greek deity Zeus. 

This comparison stems from his shared distinctive features, including a matching beard, hairstyle, and facial structure. Ilan Tobianah Zeus garnered widespread recognition for his opulent lifestyle, showcasing his luxury cars, residences, and association with models. His prominence skyrocketed on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he amassed a following in the millions.

Personal Life

Ilan Tobianah Zeus, a married man, chooses to keep his wife and children out of the public eye. According to his Instagram posts, he often shares photos of himself with attractive models while on his trips. By working together with models like Margaux Heller, Sandra Buczny, Mariana Martins, and Lilia Gude, Ilan Tobianah Zeus presents a charming persona, sometimes creating the impression of being romantically involved.

Career Highlights 

  • At 51 years old, Ilan Tobianah has become well-known in both the legal and modeling fields. Alongside his legal work, he has also become a popular model, captivating audiences with his striking presence.
  • Outside of work, Tobianah is known for his strong passion for cars, especially Lamborghinis, as well as his love for motorcycles and husky dogs. His unique style is characterized by his love for well-made leather boots and his enjoyment of high-quality cigars.
  • Tobianah’s rapid rise to fame began when he transformed himself into a figure reminiscent of Zeus, the Greek god. By sharing his luxurious lifestyle, complete with fancy cars and lavish accessories, he captured the attention of a global audience.
  • In October 2020, Tobianah entered the world of social media by creating an Instagram account. This move played a significant role in his newfound fame. His captivating looks and extravagant lifestyle quickly brought him into the spotlight, gaining him a devoted following.
  • Today, Tobianah is an experienced model, representing a variety of brands. He also lends his modeling expertise to production companies working on projects like music albums or high-profile photoshoots. For inquiries about music and modeling bookings, Tobianah can be contacted through the official Zeus website, solidifying his status as a versatile industry influencer.

Ilan Tobianah Net Worth 

Ilan Tobianah Zeus is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $50 million USD as of 2023. He became very rich from his successful job in entertainment. He starred in lots of movies and TV shows, and he even made some of his own. Ilan also made money from endorsing products and starting other businesses.

Zeus mainly earns his money from his real estate legal practice and from investing in properties. Additionally, he makes substantial profits from business agreements with modeling agencies and production companies, bringing in approximately $400,000 each month.

Ilan Tobianah Zeus enjoys a lavish lifestyle, owning luxury cars, motorcycles, and properties. According to his Instagram, he proudly showcases a collection that includes a Black Lamborghini Aventador, an Orange Lamborghini Aventador, a Lamborghini Urus, a Ferrari, a Delage D12, a DEVINCI, and a Ducati bike.

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