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Why You Should Use a VPN for iGaming

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At the dawn of 2022, the American iGaming sector literally broke the bank by topping more than $53 billion. With so much attention, good and bad, to the burgeoning iGaming industry, you’re going to get your share of bad actors who want to spoil the fun for everyone. With crippling data hacks and breaches happening to some of the biggest organizations and government agencies in the world, adding more cyber layers of protection is a sound strategy so you can enjoy your favorite games in peace. Discover why having a VPN should be part of your iGaming strategy.

A VPN is the First Line of Defense for Anonymity

It’s common practice when joining a reputable iGaming site to create a unique password and username to try to crack down on password sharing, which can lead to accidental leaks. But when you have determined cybercriminals are burning the midnight oil to hold major corporations hostage with ransomware attacks, you need something stronger.

Fortunately, one of the prime functions of a VPN is to keep your real name and personal information hidden from the outside world. VPNs use several enterprise-level encryption methods to shield your computer, laptop, or mobile device’s connection to the iGaming server. Sometimes other members look to abuse their account privileges, like using other members’ accounts to make financial payments. You don’t have to become a victim—not with a VPN, at least.

VPNs Shield Your IP Address

You can consider the enhanced anonymity and disguising your IP address as a much-needed one-two punch. VPNs use a series of highly secure remote servers around the world to bind your real IP address around under dynamic and pseudo IP addresses. By the time your connection hits the iGaming server, you might have already used several IP addresses. This buffer helps keep distance between cybercriminals who can wreak havoc in your financial life by stealing your credit card and other payment information.

Other Advantages of a VPN for iGaming

Enhanced Bandwidth

Sometimes, when using your real IP address, you might need more bandwidth than usual to conduct your online activities, like streaming movies on Netflix or other online gaming endeavors. Today’s iGaming sites feature highly complex games and live dealer play, which streams live from a studio in 4K resolution. As you can see, you are going to need a lot of bandwidth to play your favorite games seamlessly.

You don’t want to get into a spot where you’re on a roll, and your internet glitches and clunks out. With a VPN, because your IP address is encrypted through other servers, you usually experience an uptick in bandwidth.

Working to Get Around Geo-Blockers

The iGaming sites like Pulsz, in the states where iGaming is legal, use geo-locator tools to verify where members are currently located. VPNs, through their extensive server network, can usually bounce your IP address to mimic one in the states that support legal iGaming.

By working around this crucial detail, you can create an account and get up and running. You can also use a VPN to tap into lucrative bonuses that might not be available in your playing region.

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