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Steve Lacy Net Worth

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Steve Lacy’s Net Worth is estimated to be $3 Million. He is an American singer and songwriter from Compton. He is best known for pumping out some truly psychedelic pop songs.

Steve rose to fame after the release of his breakthrough single titled “Bad Habit” in June of 2022. The music video for the song went viral on YouTube and wound up getting over 46 million views within 5 months of its release.

Following the success of that track, Steve began earning the attention of hip-hop and R&B music producers in the country. In 2015, he first came to success when he became a member of the popular R&B band named “The Internet”. Steve contributed to many tracks for the group’s third album “Ego Death”.

What is Steve Lacy’s Net Worth? 

Net Worth$3 Million
BornMay 23, 1998
ProfessionMusician, Singer
CountryUnited States Of America
Salary (Annual)$1 Million
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya was born on May 23rd, 1998 in southern Los Angeles County. An African American mother and a Filipino father raised him. Steve attended Washington Preparatory High School. While growing up his mom regularly encouraged him and his three sisters to stay inside as often as possible.

Steve’s father was absent from his childhood for most of his life. When he was around 10 years old his father tragically passed away. Following this, he largely lost his connection to the Filipino side of his heritage.

Around the same time that he lost his father, Lacy found his life’s passion for music. More specifically, he discovered guitar while playing the “Guitar Hero” video game. From there he moved on to playing in school bands that helped him develop his skill set.


At the age of 15, Steve saw a friend at school named Jameel Bruner making a beat on his laptop. Jameel saw that Steve has an interest in music, so he invited Steve to start playing with his Neo-Soul group known as “The Internet”.

By the time Steve joined their ranks in 2013, The Internet had already gained popularity for their unique brand of R&B Soul off the back of 2 studio albums. Lacy was still a teenager at this point which meant that his age prevented his participation at certain venues that “The Internet” would frequent.

But his age never stopped him from helping contribute to the recording of the band’s studio album “Ego Death”. The album was nominated at the 2016 Grammy Awards for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Now that he was earning some incredible experience, Steve began making his beats.

Around the age of 17, another one of Lacy’s collaborators as Ezra Koenig (member of the rock band Vampire Weekend) put him in touch with the producer DJ Day. DJ then became Steve’s mentor and thanks to this relationship, Lacy wound up with a placement on Kendrick Lamar’s fourth album “DAMN”.


The day after Lacy graduated from high school, he engaged himself in industry. Shortly thereafter he released his self-produced debut extended play, “Steve Lacy’s Demo” in 2017. Since joining the band “The Internet” Steve worked alongside many artists like Solange Knowles, Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick, and J Cole.

But now he was finally ready to show the world that he was just as talented. Two years after the release of his first project Demo, Steve released his debut album titled “Apollo XXI” in 2019. This project earned Lacy yet another Grammy nomination.

In 2022 Steve dropped his second studio album “Gemini Rights” which became one of his biggest hit projects. The album also contains his breakthrough single “Bad Habit”, becoming his first track to reach # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, the song blew up on social media and TikTok especially.

This wasn’t the first song of Lacy’s to go viral on the platform. Before “Bad Habit” Steve came to popularity after the release of his single “Dark Red”. That track didn’t blow up immediately instead, it came to popularity in the summer of 2021 when it wound up being used in over 100,000 TikToks.


Upon getting the TikTok boost, his song Dark Red went on to be streamed over 600 million times on Spotify alone. By August 2022, Steve’s hit track “Bad Habit” had become a crossover hit on the radio and a staple of the top 10. It eventually claimed the top spot on the Billboard charts.

The popularity of “Bad Habit” even went so far as to boost the matrics for Steve’s other music as well. On the other hand, his single “Dark Red” is now in the top 20 of Spotify’s USA chart of the most played tracks. The song is also featured on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the very first time, peaking at the #78 spot.

Personal Life

Steve also hit a couple of live performances that didn’t go all that smoothly. First, there was a poorly executed concert in the John Cain Arena in Melbourne. This concert left some of Lacy’s fans traumatized after they experienced a stampede to get inside the event.

Steve attempted to manage the crowd himself during the performance stopping things several times to make sure that people were safe. The ambulance later is called to the event but no injuries were reported.

Career Highlights

  • Gemini Rights (Second Album, 2022)
  • Bad Habit (Song, 2022)
  • Apollo XXI (First Album, 2019)
  • Dark Red (Song, 2017)
  • Grammy Awards – Best Urban Contemporary Album – (Apollo XXI, 2019) – Nomination
  • MTV Video Music Awards – Song of Summer – (Bad Habit, 2022) – Nomination
  • Two Grammy Awards in the category of Record of the Year and Song of the Year – Nominations

Steve Lacy Net Worth

As of 2023, Steve Lacy’s Net Worth is reported to be around $3 million. He is one of the most recognized singers in the music industry. Steve has released two albums with the band “The Internet” including Ego Death (2015), and Hive Mind (2018).

Later in life, he began releasing his music like one EP “Steve Lacy’s Demo” and two studio albums “Apollo XXI” and “Gemini Rights”. He also dropped the compilation album “The Lo-Fis”  in 2020. The singer earned a lot of wealth and popularity in the music industry by releasing several hit tracks.

His source of capital comes from the music industry like album sales, YouTube, live shows, and hit singles, as well as from streaming platforms. He also earned chart entry in the UK after collaborating with Calvin Haris for the hit track “Live Without Your Love”. Lacy’s annual salary is roughly $1 million.

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