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Mya Damn Homie Net Worth

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Mya Damn Homie is a Russian internet personality and Instagram star who has a net worth of $300,000. She rose to fame when she created her Instagram account damnhomie11 and began sharing her content.

Thanks to her impressive comedic sketches on Instagram, she blew up on the platform, having over 2 million followers. Mya collaborated with Michael Blackson, Ken Starrz, Tyrone, and The Dude With The Violin.

She gets features from World Star Hip Hop. She got interviews with the New York Post, and The Daily Mail & now. Mya relocated to America at nine years old but the transition wasn’t an easy one.

What is Mya Damn Homie’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$300,000
BornMay 11, 1987
Salary (Annual)$100,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Mya Ehrlich was born on May 11th, 1987, in Moscow, Russia, and is of Jewish descent. She grew up in Russia and when she was five years old her mother Margo walked out on the family.

She has an older sister named Alina, 13 years her senior, who is a lawyer and lives in Moscow. When Mya was 9 years old her father Mikhail brought her to their new home where Mya met with her stepmother and settled in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

Mya developed an interest in sports at an early age which eventually led her to become a member of the volleyball team at Adelphi Academy. However, she was kicked out of college along with five other students for fighting. Mya graduated from All Girls Jewish High School.


After high school, Mya continued playing tennis for years but it didn’t become her professional career. Outside of fighting and sports, she was obsessed with the film called “How High” starring Red Man and Method Man.

Before launching her career, she saw other East Coast performers acting out the stars like KenStarrrz and Tyron who would lift her spirits when she was feeling down. But she never expected that one day she would be working with them.

Mya has an interest in music and grew up in the era of G Unit and 50 Cent which had a major influence on her. She went on to college to obtain a degree in BA and also dabbled in performance attending the New York Film Academy for acting.

Additionally, she attended some classes at the Prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater. Finally, she wound up in the lucrative business of New York City real estate and it paid well but she wasn’t happy doing it. Mya opted to go into the world of entertainment.

(Photo by Mya Damn Homie's Instagram)
(Photo by Mya Damn Homie’s Instagram)


Mya Damn Homie’s first Instagram video which went viral was a spur-moment decision, which she filmed with her collaborator. That post was getting shared, reposted, and meme’d, and a new opportunity landed on her lap.

She quit doing a real estate job and began sharing content on her Instagram profile known as damnhomie11. With all that success, Mya Damn Homie earned a net worth of 300 thousand US Dollars.

Other Ventures

Upon arriving in the United States, she had a language issue, as a result, Mya quickly became the victim of cruel bullying. At that time her father was doing great in the land of opportunity.

He found work as a METALOR (Building factories that make different metals for airplanes). He also owns some hotels and invested heavily in real estate properties.

As for Mya, things were still rough in school, she had no friends so she found an interest in volleyball and Tennis. Later, she and her family welcomed Mya’s stepbrother Vlad. When Mya was 18 years old, her parents decided to move back to Russia, leaving her alone in the big city.

Personal Life

Mya had been in a long-term relationship with a man for about 10 years. But they broke up before she would start her career in showbiz.

Next, she dated a man for a year and a half and they got engaged. However, Mya’s boyfriend went to jail for seven months. Her second breakup put her in a deep depression, though she recovered soon.

Mya Damn Homie Net Worth

Mya Damn Homie is on her way to becoming one of the most recognized Instagram stars with the help of her unique content. She began her career in sports and then transitioned into showbiz.

Mya has managed to accumulate millions of followers across different social media profiles. Thanks to her success, she was interviewed by several names including the No Jumper podcast.

She had a difficult youth, she became the victim of relentless bullying that had her switching schools a total of six times. As of now, the influencer has become the motivation for numerous people around the globe. As of 2023, Mya Damn Homie’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

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