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10+ Movies like Vivarium: Worth Watching List for You

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If you like the movie “Vivarium,” which includes sci-fi and horror elements, you can watch many similar movies. After doing an in-depth search and checking the feedback and reviews of each, I’ve gathered a list for you. This list will help you find movies like “Vivarium” and spend your time in a good way.

List of 10+ Movies Like Vivarium

  1. The Stepford Wives
  2. Blue Velvet
  3. The Platform
  4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 
  5. Poltergeist 
  6. Scream 
  7. Fright Night 
  8. Little Children
  9. Pleasantville
  10. Society
  11. American Beauty
  12. The World’s End

Blue Velvet

“Blue Velvet” follows Jeffrey Beaumont, who finds a severed ear in his hometown. With Sandy, the detective’s daughter, he delves into the town’s dark secrets. The film’s surreal and disturbing take on suburban life parallels the eerie atmosphere of “Vivarium.”

The Platform

“The Platform” is a dystopian horror set in a prison where food is distributed via a descending platform. Those at the top feast while those below starve. Its stark social commentary on class divisions is reminiscent of “Vivarium’s” examination of societal structures.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

In “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” aliens replace humans with lifeless replicas. This slow, menacing takeover mirrors the enforced conformity in “Vivarium,” making it a chilling exploration of identity and loss.

The Stepford Wives

In “The Stepford Wives,” Joanna Eberhart moves to Stepford, Connecticut, and notices that the women there are strangely subservient and flawless. As her husband joins a mysterious Men’s Association, Joanna unravels the unsettling truth behind the town’s perfect facade. Like “Vivarium,” it critiques suburban life and the loss of individuality.


“Poltergeist” centers on a family haunted by spirits in their suburban home, built on a former cemetery. Its portrayal of the hidden dangers in suburban life aligns with “Vivarium’s” unsettling depiction of a seemingly perfect neighborhood.


“Scream” follows Sidney Prescott as a masked killer terrorizes her small town. Both “Scream” and “Vivarium” focus on the horrors lurking beneath the surface of suburban life, with protagonists aware of the threats while others remain oblivious.

Fright Night

In “Fright Night,” Charley Brewster suspects his neighbor is a vampire. With Imogen Poots as Amy, the film blends suburban life with hidden dangers, similar to “Vivarium’s” exploration of suburban entrapment.

Little Children

“Little Children” is a drama about suburban discontent, focusing on Sarah Pierce’s affair and the underlying tensions in her community. Like “Vivarium,” it highlights the dark side of seemingly perfect suburban life.


“Pleasantville” features siblings trapped in a 1950s TV show, discovering the town’s sinister perfection. Its allegory of conservative suburban ideals aligns with “Vivarium’s” critique of the nuclear family and conformity.


“Society” follows Bill Whitney as he uncovers his wealthy family’s grotesque secret. Its commentary on the elite’s hidden monstrosities parallels “Vivarium’s” theme of exposing the horror beneath the surface.

American Beauty

“American Beauty” depicts Lester Burnham’s midlife crisis in a suburban setting. Both films explore the dark, hidden realities of suburban life and the consequences of striving for perfection.

The World’s End

In “The World’s End,” Gary King reunites with friends for a pub crawl during an alien invasion. Its exploration of masked pain and regret in a suburban setting resonates with “Vivarium’s” themes of hidden dissatisfaction.


What is “Vivarium” about?

“Vivarium” is a sci-fi horror film about a couple trapped in a mysterious suburban neighborhood where every house looks the same, and they must raise an otherworldly child to escape.

Why do people like “Vivarium”?

People enjoy “Vivarium” for its unique blend of sci-fi and horror, its thought-provoking themes about suburban life and conformity, and the strong performances by the lead actors.

Are there movies similar to “Vivarium”?

Yes, movies like “The Stepford Wives,” “Blue Velvet,” “The Platform,” “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” and “Poltergeist” share similar themes of suburban horror and existential dread.

What themes does “Vivarium” explore?

“Vivarium” explores themes of suburban conformity, loss of identity, entrapment, and the dark side of seemingly perfect communities.

Where can I watch “Vivarium”?

“Vivarium” is available for streaming on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Who stars in “Vivarium”?

“Vivarium” stars Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg as the main characters, Gemma and Tom.

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