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Jackboy Net Worth

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Jackboy, also known as Pierre Delince, is a noteworthy American rapper of Haitian heritage. He’s well-known for his significant impact on the rap world, playing a big role in shaping its current scene with his contributions.

Since starting his music career in 2016, His songs have captured listeners, gaining millions of plays on streaming services. After the success of his first album in 2019, Jackboy consistently released hit singles, cementing his fame. As of October 2023, Jackboy’s net worth is $3 million USD.

What is Jackboy’s net worth?

Net Worth$3 Million USD
Age26 years
Born27 August 1997
ProfessionModel, Rapper, Music Artist 
Country America
Salary (Annual)$100K
Last Updated 2023

Early Life

Jackboy’s was born on 27 August 1997 Haiti, and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. immigrant parents raised him and his ethnicity is Mixed (Afro – American). Jackboy spent his early years in Golden Acres, a low-income housing area in Florida. Not much is known about his family background, including his parents’ names. It appears he was the only child in his family. 

Growing up in Pompano Beach, Florida, was tough for him. Unfortunately, he got involved in criminal activities from a young age. Surprisingly, he had his first brush with the law at just 11 years old.

Jackboy was raised in a family of musicians who introduced him to a diverse range of music from a young age. Following his high school graduation, he delved earnestly into music, embarking on the journey of composing and recording songs. In 2016, he unveiled his inaugural mixtape named ‘The First Step’. This compilation garnered widespread praise for its unfiltered lyrical prowess and exceptional production.


Jackboy also known as Pierre Delince began on his musical journey on his official SoundCloud page using the name “Jackboy.” His first songs, “Missin’ You” and “Bossed Up,” marked the inception of his musical career.

In 2016, he inked a record deal with Sniper Gang Records, courtesy of his close friend Kodak Black, who played a crucial role in facilitating the release of his mixtape “Stick Up Kid.”

Following his release from prison in April 2019, Jackboy wasted no time and dropped his inaugural album, bearing the same name as himself, “Jackboy.” The album left a mark, achieving a notable position at No. 96 on the esteemed Billboard 200 chart.

Building on this triumph, he released his second album, “Love Me While I’m Here,” the following year, receiving acclaim and unwavering support from his devoted fan base. Maybe you like to Read, Anastasia Amoroso’s Net Worth.

In 2022, he promptly introduced his third album, “Jackboy 2,” further solidifying the foundation laid by his debut release. The album showcased Jackboy’s artistic growth and unwavering dedication to his craft.


Jackboy’s career breakthrough moment arrived when he garnered the attention of fellow Floridian rapper Kodak Black, ultimately leading to his signing with Kodak’s record label Sniper Gang. This pivotal partnership served as a springboard for Jackboy, providing him with a substantial platform to exhibit his musical prowess and connect with a broader audience.

Jackboy’s musical style is distinguished by its unfiltered candor and uncompromising depiction of life in urban neighborhoods. He is renowned for his evocative storytelling and remarkable ability to convey emotions through his lyrics. His repertoire includes standout projects like “Jackboy” and “Living in History,” both of which received acclaim from fans and critics alike. 

In addition to his musical talents, He is celebrated for his distinctive appearance, often showcasing his trademark hairstyle and distinctive fashion sense. He remains a prominent figure in the vibrant Florida rap scene, with eager anticipation for his future contributions to the genre.

Personal Life

People were gossiping about Jackboy and Asian Doll, a rising rapper, possibly being in a romantic relationship. However, neither of them has openly confirmed or denied these rumors.

On his official Instagram account, Jackboy regularly displays his fashion sense and displays his wealth, often showing off luxury cars, designer clothes, and jewelry adorned with diamonds.

Moreover, he uses his verified Twitter account to keep fans in the loop about his latest music releases and offer perspectives on the music scene.

Career Highlights 

Jackboy, born Pierre Delince, has carved a notable niche in the music industry. Here are some of the highlights of his career:

  • Jackboy commenced his musical journey on SoundCloud, releasing initial singles “Missin’ You” and “Bossed Up.”
  •  In 2016, he inked a record deal with Sniper Gang Records, a significant milestone in his career.
  • Thanks to the support of his close friend Kodak Black, Jackboy dropped his mixtape “Stick Up Kid,” showcasing his potential and establishing him as an up-and-coming artist.
  • After his release from prison in April 2019, Jackboy wasted no time and released his self-titled debut album. It peaked at No. 96 on the Billboard 200 chart, a significant achievement.
  • His second album, released in the following year, received praise and support from his devoted fan base, affirming his growing popularity.
  • In 2022, he swiftly unveiled his third album, “Jackboy 2,” further solidifying his presence in the music scene and demonstrating his artistic progression.

Jackboy Net worth 

Jackboy is one of the wealthiest rappers globally, but at the moment, he’s in the early stages of building his wealth. Jackboy’s net worth is around $3 Million USD as of 2023. 

Although a large portion of his earnings comes from selling his music. Jack also earned a significant amount from his YouTube and social media presence.

Jackboy has accumulated an estimated $678,000 from his official YouTube channel, which has over 300 million views.

In a single month, he can earn up to $27,000 from his YouTube channel, depending on the number of viewers.

On Instagram, he charges roughly $10,000 per post for endorsements.

Jackboy has done remarkably well for himself, considering he started by uploading music to platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

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