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Ice Cube Net Worth – Income, Age, Career, Height & More

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Ice Cube, whose genuine name is O’Shea Jackson, is a diverse American craftsman known for his commitment to music, film, and business. Ice Cube owns a total net worth of $160 million.

His excursion from the dirty roads of South Focal Los Angeles to turning into an easily recognized name is out and out noteworthy. His enrollment in the original gangsta rap bunch N.W.A acquired him recognition and sent off his dubious yet effective performance profession.

Ice Cube is known by hip-bounce pundits and fans as one of the best and most powerful rappers ever; to numerous others, he is most popular as a TV celebrity. In this article, we’ll dig into Ice Cube’s age, bio, birthday, family, and total assets, revealing insight into the existence of this famous figure. 

Ice Cube’s Total Net Worth

Starting around 2024, Ice Cube’s total assets are assessed at $160 million, a demonstration of his diverse outcome in music, film, and different undertakings.

Past the monetary figures, Ice Cube’s obligation to his local area and backing for civil rights grandstand the profundity of his personality.

His vocation isn’t just about numbers; it’s a demonstration of the force of credibility, flexibility, and difficult work in forming a persevering through heritage.

Early Life

Ice Cube is a 54 year old performer, brought into the world in Baldwin Slopes, Los Angeles, California on June fifteenth 1969. He has gone from the hardened roads of South Integral to becoming quite possibly of rap’s most cherished legend. In his celebrated vocation as a craftsman, entertainer and movie producer he’s hardened himself as an innovator in hip-jump culture for very nearly thirty years.

Ice cube has delivered music that mirrors the battles and show of life on the West Coast, surrendering fans a nearby investigate his reality from the beginning of time. His amazing independent excursion started with gangsta rap bunch NWA prior to changing to films that analyze race and class, for example, ‘Boyz n The Hood’ and ‘Friday’. It was clear from the get-go that Ice Cube had something uniquely great; past music he needed to say something about the real world – each melody in turn.

Personal Life

Ice Ice Cube has been hitched to Kimberly Woodruff, for more than 27 years. The couple secured the bunch in 1992 and have five kids together. Notwithstanding his bustling vocation, Ice cube is committed to his family and frequently shares photos of his significant other and youngsters via online entertainment.


Ice Cube became keen on hip-jump in his initial teenagers and took to composing verses. In the wake of starting the rap bunch C.I.A. (Cru’ in real life!) and performing with it for quite a while, and keeping in mind that still in school at George Washington Preliminary Secondary School, he offered his most memorable melody to rapper Eazy-E and Savage Records.

The melody, initially named “The Boyz-n-the-Hood,” was disregarded by one rap bunch prior to being recorded by Eazy-E himself. The outcome was a significant accomplishment as both Eazy-E’s most memorable single and as the primary cooperation between future N.W.A individuals Ice Cube , Eazy-E, maker and rapper Dr. Dre, and maker DJ Yella.

Ice Cube was credited again on the cooperative collection N.W.A. furthermore, the Force, which incorporated the retitled “Boyz-in-the-Hood,” “8 Ball” (additionally composed by Ice Cube), and “Dope Man,” which highlighted vocals by Ice  Cube wever the collection highlighted melodies by specialists who were not individuals from N.W.A, the record organization (Macola Records, not N.W.A’s own Savage Records) promoted it as a N.W.A collection, bringing the gathering some acknowledgment paving the way to the 1988 arrival of its collection Straight Outta Compton.

Between the two deliveries, in any case, Ice Cube passed on N.W.A to concentrate on structural drafting at the Phoenix Foundation of Innovation. He before long rejoined the gathering in 1988 with a level of little use to him. N.W.A started recording Straight Outta Compton not long after his return.

Ice Cube has halfway or full composing credits on nine of the 13 unique tracks on the collection, and he performs vocally on six, causing him an irreplaceable voice on what pundits to have generally thought to be truly outstanding and most extraordinary collections in hip-jump history.

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Birth NameO’Shea Jackson, Sr.
Age54 Years Old
DOBJune 15, 1969
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
WeightIn kilograms _78 kg
HeightHight in Feet-5’6
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
FatherHosea Jackson
MotherDoris Benjamin
Children5 children
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKimberly Woodruff
Net Worth$160 Million 

Other Ventures

Even with the collection’s surprising achievement, Ice cube was miserable; after contributing greatly to the collection’s creation, he believed he was cheated out of eminences by the gathering’s administrator, Jerry Heller. Ice Cube left N.W.A in December of 1989 because of the debate. (It was subsequently privately addressed any outstanding issues in 1990.)

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