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The best way to approach DIY auto maintenance and repair is to make sure you are equipped for the jobs you plan to do. That means looking ahead and asking yourself what comes next, because some jobs require specialized equipment that you might need to budget ahead of the actual parts.

Automotive Tools

Basic automotive tools are a must-have for any home garage, even if you do not plan on doing any major repairs. A mechanic’s socket set includes additional extensions and often a range of sizes that is a little wider than general home repair socket sets, but even a basic set will do to start. The right cut-resistant gloves can help a lot too, and a set of crescent wrenches will also be necessary for basic maintenance. Beyond that, it’s a matter of asking yourself how far you will go.

For brake work, tire changes, and anything that requires you to access the underside of the vehicle, you will want jack stands and a good hydraulic floor jack. It’s also a good idea to invest in a diagnostic scanner if you are doing most of your repair work because it saves you from a trip to a store or garage where you can have the codes read for you. A basic code scanner is usually only about as expensive as a single garage diagnostic fee, too. By the second time you use it, it’s paid for itself.

Get Ready for Welding

If you plan on going all-in on DIY automotive repair and upgrades, you will eventually need to be prepared for welding in your home garage. TIG, MIG, and spot welding all play roles in automotive maintenance and repair, and not just for people who are doing body or frame work. Weld-up header kits are getting more popular every day, with prominent names like Hooker Exhaust contributing some of the top designs on the current market. To properly set up Hooker headers, you’ll need a well-equipped welding station.

Investing in an Engine Hoist

If you get serious enough about your vehicle’s potential for more power, eventually you will need to be able to pull your engine for work. It’s not always necessary, and you can do a lot of upgrades like a Holley Sniper EFI without having a hoist in many cases. Crate engine kits are the most obvious case, but depending on the vehicle you’re working with, there might be other upgrades that are simpler and easier if you lift the engine so you can work without the space constraints placed on the engine compartment. If you already have a robust toolkit and you are starting to eye upgrades like a new cam or a full engine rebuild, it’s time to start looking at ways to lift that block.

Finding the tools you need for your next job can be simple if you know where to look, and the part providers that you rely on for upgrades like the Sniper EFI are often your best resource for the tools that help you with the installation. Start browsing today so you can get ready for your next big project.

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