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Enhance your dining experience in restaurants that accept crypto payments

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Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and have been integrated into plenty of industries, including restaurants from all around the world, which have realized that accepting crypto payments might bring them many benefits. Maybe you expected that luxurious restaurants were the only ones who jumped on the crypto bandwagon, and while some of them did, so are the dining places with affordable prices, including Starbucks, Subway, and Burger King. 

The mix of food and crypto proves to be helpful for both restaurants and crypto enthusiasts, as in this way, individuals will have more options where to dine, while the eating places will embrace innovation, create a competitive edge, and increase their customer base. But maybe you are wondering how people can pay using cryptocurrencies in these restaurants. Well, it is very easy to buy Ethereum online or any other of your preferred virtual coins that can be sent directly to the restaurant’s digital wallet. It is as easy as that!

In this article, we will let you know what are the best restaurants where you can eat delicious food and pay using cryptocurrencies, and don’t worry, as our list has alternatives for the ones who want to spend a huge amount of money for the dining experience and also for those who are on a budget. Let’s discover them together.

La Sirene

La Sirene is a French eatery located in the heart of the city that never sleeps (yes, that’s New York, of course), which is a great option to go, chill, and eat something delicious. La Sirene is everything you can expect from something French, and there you will find the perfect elegance that only the French can create. The menus from La Sirene are varied and have dairy- and gluten-free options that are perfect for all tastes. If you ask us for advice, you should try the French classics, like the Steak Tartare and the Slow Cooked Beef Tongue, that will transport you to France, even though you are in the concrete jungle.

Additionally, as you are in a French restaurant, no meal will be complete without a glass (or several) of wine, and you will find great options at La Sirene, which has the best selection of French wines that complement the tastes of the New Yorkers. The restaurant has an excellent selection of reds, but don’t worry, as you will also find alternatives for roses and whites. Although La Sirene is popular for its great food, the eatery is also known as a restaurant that accepts crypto payments and uses many digital currencies. What’s more, the restaurant rewards crypto-savvy clients who pay using crypto with 10% off the entire order. 

The Mad Monkfish

The Mad Monkfish was named Thelonious Monkfish in the past, being a restaurant in Cambridge, MA, known for serving high-quality sushi in the best jazz atmosphere. The Mad Monkfish provides clients with live jazz and the most delicious sushi inspired by Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. The restaurant is located close to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), so it was obvious that options for tech-savvy enthusiasts, including crypto payments, should be integrated. 

Moreover, the restaurant has a long history with students from MIT and cryptocurrencies, as back in 2014, it decided to offer $100 worth in BTC to see how more than 3,000 undergraduates would use it and whether they would spend or invest it. Of course, many of them decided to spend their cryptos eating delicious sushi from the eatery. 

Caviar & Bull

Suppose you want to spoil yourself in the best possible way. In that case, you need to pay a visit to Caviar & Bull, as the head chef of the establishment says that the Michelin-starred restaurant doesn’t only serve excellent food but also a lifestyle. The eatery uses the finest ingredients, and their clients are always offered the finest and best choices, including Black Angus ribeye steaks and Beluga caviar. Additionally, do you know that Caviar & Bull is the only Michelin-star establishment that accepts crypto?

Safari Comedor

Safari Comedor is an authentic establishment launched in 1971 in the heart of Tulum, Mexico, inspired by traditional Yucatan cuisine. This option is great, as it offers an excellent atmosphere to all the clients, letting them know a lot of details about the hospitality and customs of the region. Luis Aquilar, the head chef of the restaurant, has studied culinary arts in Europe, the US, the Bahamas, and New Zealand and has brought important insights and techniques to improve the Mexican dishes and flavors, and this is why you will find the best tamal, tacos, and corn esquite in this establishment. 

The good news is that you can pay using Bitcoin, an excellent option for international travelers. 


Now that you have been spoiled with one of the best restaurants worldwide, let’s also take a look at the more affordable options, where Subway is one of them, which has accepted crypto payments since as early as 2013. Although, at first, there were only two locations of this kind to accept crypto, hundreds of Subway restaurants soon followed the crypto trend. 

Burger King

Burger King is also an affordable place that accepts crypto payments, which took its first step into the world of crypto back in 2017, when it launched its own coin, The WhopperCoin. Customers could receive this coin if they had a digital wallet and buy the signature Whopper sandwich. Then, some locations in Brazil partnered with DOGE to let customers spend 3 DOGE for a special good, the Dogpper, and although the promotion was short, we can still remember the well-known memes. 

Wrapping up

Crypto is not just a faint trend but something that is here to stay, as it has already started to be adopted in plenty of industries, including in essential restaurants. Although we might need to wait a little longer until more establishments decide to accept crypto payments, until then, we still have a good variety of restaurants to try, including the ones mentioned above. 

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