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Celia Gabbiani Net Worth

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Celia Gabbiani is a Spanish professional Crossfit athlete and social media influencer who has a net worth of $2 Million. She is best recognized for her great physique. The turning point of her career came in 2012 when her driving instructor introduced her to CrossFit.

Celia started gaining recognition when she began sharing intense workout routines on her social media accounts. She is one of the most popular fitness influencers in Spain and her popularity grew all around the world.

Gabbiani is an inspiration for millions of people as well as for her Instagram followers. Most of her videos on YouTube garnered over a million views. She started working out at the age of 10 and then became part of several sports.

What is Celia Gabbiani’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionCrossfit Athlete
Salary (Annual)$200,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Celia Gabbiani was born sometime in 1990 in Marmande, France. As a child she had a desire for competing, later her older sister introduced her to sports when she was 6. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her parents.

When she was 10 years Celia began swimming along with her sister. Soon she discovered her passion for sports and wanted to become a professional swimmer. However, her older sister quit swimming, but Celia began competing professionally.

Upon her high school graduation, she went to Toulouse to achieve a lifeguard diploma at the age of 19. Due to a busy schedule, she quit taking swimming classes and started finding a job. Apart from being a swimmer, Celia also had an interest in becoming a make-up artist.

Nevertheless, she met new people and gained a lot of experience in different fields for the following 3 years in Toulouse. During that time she went to apply for a driving license there she met instructor, Erick Monoyer, who encouraged Celia to participate in Crossfit games.


Celia took advantage and began training for “Crossfit Games” with the help of Patrick. Patrick is actually the father of Celia’s driving instructor, Erick. So, Patrick designed workout plans for her and as a result, she was able to move fast.

In the spring of 2013, she had her first competition in which she qualified for the Throwdowns Europe. That time Celia realized that she was not able to lift heavier. From that point on she began focussing on muscle building and started lifting heavier weights.

After building a good physique, she participated in a number of competitions and earned titles. That time she decided to create her Instagram account and began sharing content. Soon, she saw a great response on social media. The fitness influencer took Crossfit inspiration from a fellow athlete, Andrea Ager.

Celia Gabbiani as seen in a post (CeliaGabbiani/ Instagram)
Celia Gabbiani as seen in a post (CeliaGabbiani/ Instagram)


Celia Gabbiani made her debut in the Crossfit Games in 2015. She gained a lot of followers on social media after sharing her Crossfit videos and pictures. Finally, she qualified for Crossfit games after winning a number of regional games.

Celia has established herself as one of the top athletes in the Crossfit games and wants to win the title of “Fittest Women On Earth.” Although she faced criticism for her bigger body, now she’s a motivation for many people.

Personal Life

Celia is quite private about her personal life and didn’t want to share about her relationship. As of now, there is not any information about her boyfriend.

She doesn’t follow any particular diet but prefers to eat a high-protein diet. According to some reports, Celia likes to lift heavy weights and does cardio six times per week. As for cheat meals, she eats cookies, brownies, and chocolate muffins.

Career Highlights

  • Crossfit Games, (Debut 2015)
  • Back squat _ 220 lbs
  • Deadlift _ 286 lbs
  • Snat#h _ 138 lbs
  • Overhead squat _ 121 lbs
  • Clean & Jerk _ 165 lbs

Celia Gabbiani Net Worth

Celia Gabbiani is one of the most recognized and successful Crossfit athletes. She rose to fame after making her debut in Crossfit games in 2015. Her appearance in the games earned her stardom.

She has millions of fans from all around the world, who follow her due to her excellent physique. Celia mainly earns from brand endorsements, businesses, and from the fitness industry. She launched her own clothing brand “Moth” which is another big source of her income.

Gabbiani has done endorsement work for popular brands like “Vanquish Fitness” and “RokFit” among others. She started her career in hopes of becoming a professional swimmer and then became a successful athlete and influencer. As of 2023, Celia Gabbiani’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

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