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AD Net Worth

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AD aka Armand Douglas is an American rapper who has a net worth of $200,000. He came to the spotlight after releasing his mixtape Blue:89 in April 2015.

Since then he began to work with several artists including Adrian Swish and others. Despite releasing songs, AD is also a podcast host and made a name for himself on the internet through his hard work and pure determination.

What is AD’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$500,000
BornApril 16, 1989
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$150,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Armand Douglas was born on April 16th, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, to parents, Deanna Giles and Rory K Douglas. He was raised by a working-class family and his parents taught their son’s tireless work ethic by holding multiple jobs.

Armand grew up with his siblings Asia, Amir, Rory Jr., Dahlia, Alante, and Jabril. He spent most of his childhood in his grandmother’s place while his mother was holding a job. His grandma used to work for the Compton Unified School District. 

He started attending Caldwell Elementary before enrolling at the Broadacres Avenue School and a whole bunch of schools as well. Upon high school diploma, AD went to study at the Harbor Community College but he never finished his degree.


Armand developed an interest in music, thanks to his father who introduced him to the music of DJ Quik as well as some 80’s television shows like Naruto and Scrubs.

AD fell in love with music and gravitated toward the West Coast scene artist including Ice Cube and Tupac. He began recording his favorite songs by using his grandmother’s class lectures.

After dropping out of college, AD started working a series of odd jobs to provide for himself and his family. He started by selling song lyrics printed out on paper from whatever famous record was spinning on the radio at the time.

AD began making ringtones and unlocking popular games on cell phones which earned him a large client around Los Angeles. From there he moved on to selling bootleg video games and consoles. In the meantime, he was writing raps while battle rapping around LA.


AD started taking music more seriously in 2013 and uploaded the music video for his single “Compton”. Soon enough he was performing all around the city with his friend Joe Moses. He eventually met his future production collaborator AceBoyPun aka The Punstigator.

AD’s breakthrough moment arrived in 2015 thanks to his hit song JuiceThe track became one of the biggest street rap hits on the West Coast and AD accomplished that feat without a major label backing him. Thanks to his success, AD has a net worth of $500 thousand.

Other Ventures

Following the track Juice went viral, rapper Xzibit offered to play it on his radio show and then brought AD to the studio to work with the legendary Dr. Dre. A few years later, AD was introduced to the host of the popular podcast show “No Jumper”.

After being interviewed on the platform he was asked to take the reins of the Snapchat series that ended going well throughout the pandemic. Shortly thereafter, AD found himself filling in as his co-host on the primary show.

Later he was offered further opportunities on the channel. AD was also encouraged to begin streaming so he kick-started his own company called “CUHMUNITY” with his producing partner AceBoyPun. They began streaming on Twitch.

He expanded his outreach by creating a new platform called “FiggMunity World” with Pun and his former podcast co-host Tyrell and more. All four of these boys are now hosting the live show in Los Angeles this 2023 summer.

Personal Life

When AD was just 18 years old his best friend Dante was shot on the porch of his own home and passed away. Following this incident, AD began to suffer from anxiety issues and quickly realized that his career on the streets would have to come to an end.

Armand Douglas returned to his home where he was living with his grandma and began uploading music on MySpace and YouTube. At the age of 19 AD got his girlfriend Genasis pregnant. About 9 months later he had a daughter who was born on AD’s 20th birthday.

Career Highlights 

  • Juice (Song, 2015)
  • FiggMunity World (YouTube Show)

AD Net Worth

AD also known as Armand Douglas is a rapper and podcast host from Los Angeles, California. Before launching his music career, AD did several jobs to pay the bills.

AD took his career more seriously after the birth of his first child. He mainly earns from music sales and podcasts which he hosts with other famous content creators. As of 2023, AD’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

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