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Deshae Frost Net Worth

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Deshae Frost is an American stand-up comedian and social media personality who has a net worth of $2 Million. He is probably best known for sharing content on his eponymous YouTube channel where he is enjoying over 3.5 million subscribers.

Deshae also gained popularity as an actor, appearing as Darryl Henderson in the hit CBS series “SWAT”. The show ran from 2017 to 2018 and earned him more acting gigs in the television industry.

Deshae made a name for himself as one of the most recognized comedians who worked on several projects. Thanks to his YouTube content which helped him to gain fame and that includes challenges, pranks, routines, workouts, Q&As, etc..

What is Deshae Frost’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$2 Million
BornJanuary 9, 2001
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$500,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Deshae Frost was born on January 9th, 2001, in Seattle, King County, Washington, to Monique Carrillo and his father Deshae Frost Senior. He grew up with young siblings including sister Brooklyn and brother Amare, both of whom are social media personalities.

Before the family settled in Los Angeles, they bounced between Seattle and living in Atlanta. His father was an entrepreneur and a barber while his mother held down work with special education students.

She also worked in marketing for the entertainment business. Additionally, his mom also worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Walka Flocka Flame, and many more. His mother now manages her son’s successful career.

As a kid, Deshae attended Mt. Zion Prep School in Seattle and then Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta. His mother Monique discovered Deshae’s passion and encouraged him to try stand up at the age of just 13 years old. From there, he went to the comedy underground in Seattle.


Deshae started his stand-up career at the age of 13, performing at local events and shows. Around that time Kevin Hart was his big inspiration. It didn’t take long before Deshae was performing at comedy clubs all over Washington and eventually the country.

Soon, he opened up for acts including Tiffany Haddish. Later, Deshae kept going with the stand-up and also began creating a following on Vine and Instagram. In 2015 he had 10k followers on Instagram and a couple of thousands of subs on YouTube in 2016.

Deshae Frost as seen in a post (Deshae Frost / Instagram)
Deshae Frost as seen in a post (Deshae Frost / Instagram)


Deshae pushed forward, making content, and slowly but surely his audience began to grow. Following his success on social media, Deshae started auditioning for acting gigs in LA.

They eventually relocated the entire family to Los Angeles. They hopped from different areas the first year before his first YouTube paycheck arrived. From there, the family was able to buy a proper place to live in.

As of now, he owns a house as well as a car. Deshae does giveaways allowing his fans to get a taste of his success for themselves. DeShae Frost has a net worth of $2 Million.

Other Ventures

Deshae had a big break in showbiz after playing the role of Darryl/Daryl Henderson in the TV show “SWAT” from 2017 to 2018. He starred alongside lead actors Shemar Moore, Stephanie Sigman, Alex Russell, and Lina Esco.

Before this, he made his first TV show appearance in an episode titled Taco Sundays of the 2015 comedy show “Black Jesus”. In this series, he got an opportunity to star alongside Charlie Murphy, Kali Hawk, Speechless, and others.

Deshae appeared in a couple of more acting projects including Angie Tribeca, Black Jesus, and Stay Woke! Now he is a multivalent person who pursued his career in different professions such as comedian, actor, YouTube star, singer, and social media personality.

Personal Life

Around 2019 Deshae and YouTuber star Dregoldi were in a relationship. The couple started dating and appeared on numerous YouTube videos together.

The two gained popularity after Deshae uploaded a video titled “TURNED MY GIRL INTO BILLIE EILISH” in August 2019. It became a super successful prank and the video went viral garnering over 7.4 million views on YouTube. Later that year, Deshae and Dregoldi broke up.

Deshae Frost Net Worth

DeShae Frost is one of the well-known internet personalities in the American entertainment business. He rose to fame after appearing in 14 episodes of the TV show “S.W.A.T.” DeShae Frost got his start as a comedian at the age of 13.

Since he was a child he always gravitated towards a career in showbiz. The main source of his income comes from various sources including YouTube, comedy shows, acting in TV shows, as well as endorsement work for Sugar Factory and others. As of 2023, DeShae Frost’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

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