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N3on Net Worth

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N3on is an American YouTube personality and Twitch streamer who has a net worth of $500,000. He is an Indian-American YouTuber who stormed the gaming and streaming world.

He gained notoriety as one of the internet’s most polarizing figures, despite his initial fame for NBA 2K content.. N3on rose to fame by playing popular video game series like NBA 2k and Fortnite.

N3on launched his streamer career with NBA 2K content at just 12 years old. This young boy is getting metored by none other than high profile celebrity, Andrew Tate. Additionally, he is stepping into the boxing ring with Adin Ross and some other content creators.

What is N3on’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$500,000
BornAugust 13, 2004
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$200,000
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Rangesh Mutama aka N3on was born on August 13th, 2004, in the United States, but his family stem from Indian descent. Outside of those limited details about his past, the rest of N3on’s childhood is a mystery.

However, we do know that N3on grew up with his older brother Paryeet, and a younger brother. Before launching his online career, he was living in San Jose, California, so he moved to Illinois to live with his older brother Paryeet.


N3on began his career in May 2016 by creating his official YouTube channel at the age of 11 years old. He didn’t post his first video until a few months later in October 2016 with an “NBA 2K17 Point Guard builds”.

Over the next three years, his channel grew slowly as he kept his face hidden and his personality in check. Many of his videos received less than 1,000 views each during this time frame.


The turning point in his career occurred in 2019 when he decided to reveal his impressive skills. From there, N3on began invention stories, wholesale calling himself “Ronnie2K’s Son” about the popular NBA 2k streamer.

Shortly after reinventing himself as one of the least chilled teenagers in the world, N3on shifted his content strategy away from 2k. He began streaming the popular video game series “Fortnite” alongside his cousin Buford Rodriguez.

From there, N3on decided to capitalize on this newfound popularity by posting videos that read like clickbait with exaggerated titles and thumbnails that never match the content of his videos. Thanks to his popularity on social media, N3on earned a net worth of $500,000.

Further Success

2023 would prove to be a massive year for N3on for both good and bad reasons. After establishing himself on YouTube and steadily creating content for years, he took a break from the platform. Instead, N3on began focussing on streaming services such as Twitch.

He then experienced his breakthrough moment in May 2023 when he hopped on to Adin Ross’s live stream. A few weeks later, Adin Ross introduced N3on to another popular influencer, Andrew Tate.

N3on's Net Worth, Streaming Career, YouTube, Age
N3on’s Net Worth, Streaming Career, YouTube, Age

Other Ventures

In December 2019, N3on posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “N3on Is Dying”. This clip was allegedly uploaded by his younger brother who wanted the world to know that N3on was suffering from a brain tumor. About five days later, N3on re-appeared on his channel in a video titled “I’M Alive” pretending that the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

In August 2023, a video appeared on N3on’s social media feeds in which three masked black individuals assaulted him. After that, he uploaded a new video to YouTube in which he discussed the possibility of retiring as a content creator after what had happened.

Following that, former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate hopped on TikTok and expressed sympathy over what had happened while offering N3on the opportunity to fly to Romania where Tate would teach him how to properly defend himself.

Later, N3on began to share content showing himself getting into fighting shape. He joined colleagues like Adin Ross and FouseyTube at the boxer gym in Miami for combat training. That battle wound up ending via TKO with Ross taking home the win.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the most popular videos of N3on:

  •  My VIRAL “Wild Indian Dance” Has Been ADDED To Fortnite! (2019)
  • Kid Gets Arrested LIVE On Stream… (Fortnite) (2019)
  • Fortnite Added My Own CUSTOM Emote in The Season 3 BATTLE PASS! (Wild Indian Dance) (2019)
  • My Message To Andrew Tate (2023)

N3on Net Worth

N3on is one of the rising content creators in the American online community. He came to the spotlight by playing NBA 2K and the Fortnite game series which he began in 2019.

He became an internet sensation after collaborating with some of the big names including Adin Ross, Sneako, FouseyTube, and more. N3on earned a lot of wealth from his successful streaming career and is on his way to becoming a multi-millionaire. As of 2023, N3on’s net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand.

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