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In recent years, the iGaming market has undergone many significant changes, gaining more and more ground every day. The COVID epidemic has accelerated the technical development of the entertainment industry. Mobile technology is moving in parallel and, with mobiles available to everyone in the world, it was to be expected that the two areas would meet and mutually boost each other. 

With surveys showing that 57-75% more people now use their mobile phones than their PC, the iGaming industry could not afford to miss out on this opportunity. One of the biggest advantages of mobile platforms is that they are the easiest and fastest to use when travelling. 

Of course, it’s not just phones that are experiencing rapid development. One of the most rapidly growing sectors in 2023 was artificial intelligence. Not only iGaming, but all other areas of the gaming industry have taken advantage of AI development, as well as integrating a number of other evolving tech trends, such as:

– virtual and augmented reality, 

– metaverse,

– blockchain, NFT,

– telegram,

cloud gaming,

– enhanced security, 

– cryptocurrency, other payment options.

Technological advances allow players to enjoy increased security and convenience by using their favourite online casino anywhere, anytime. In the following article I will analyse the above list and their beneficial impact on the iGaming industry.

Virtual reality (VR) 

Virtual reality nowadays can create a full 360-degree atmosphere, where you can start a game – for example Aviator – from a casino environment. The use of interactive online casinos and interpersonal capabilities is also enhanced by the development of virtual reality, regardless of physical location.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR differs from virtual reality in that it merges elements of the real and digital worlds, so your smartphone or desktop computer gives the impression of a real casino.


The current focus of mobile technology is VR, voice quality and 6G. While online casino games on mobile already offer a great audiovisual experience, once the above technology is developed, users will surely have a futuristic experience.


The blockchain was designed to allow data to be shared at the source without having to go to the operator. It is essentially a verifiable, written record that cannot be modified. 


Non-fungible tokens offer unique rewards and security features.


A special form of casino that operates on social media. You can play through the messenger application and chat with other players. This is thanks to an AI-based chatbot. Registration is easy and endpoints are encrypted.

Cloud gambling

Allows the integration of various graphics and the expansion of storage space. It does not require a bulky operating system and provides access to high-resolution games.

Enhanced security

It is also important for casinos to be trustworthy and credible. A security breach can give any online casino the worst reputation. Fortunately, there are more and more options available in this area: facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, etc., all of which have increased trust between users and websites.


Cryptocurrencies have become accepted by almost all online casino websites, and Lemon Casino is one of the first platforms in Poland, as they provide secure transactions and fair gaming for everyone. They are safe, as they work fast and can be used anonymously. Telegram Casino also allows their use.

Multiple payment options

Online casinos give you more options for deposits and withdrawals than a real casino, and it’s also safer because we don’t need to hold large amounts of cash on ourselves. This has changed the way users think about gambling and has also created more trust.

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